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Cotonou, 30 June 2017 Africa Needs to Work Closer Together on Climate Action and Sustainable Development
Bonn, 4 May 2017 Executive Board fine-tunes details ahead of CDM simplifications
Bonn, 10 April 2017 Africa Carbon Forum 2017, Cotonou, Benin, 28 - 30 June
Panama City, 31 March 2017 Promoting Climate Action on the Ground in Latin America - Regional Collaboration Centre establish in Panama City
Bonn, 23 February 2017 CDM Board adopts full package of simplified procedures to improve efficiency
Bonn, 20 February 2017  The CDM Board elects its Chair and Vice-Chair for 2017
Bonn, 7 February 2017 Developing Countries Urgently Need Finance to Green Power Sectors
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Marrakech, 4 November 2016 As Paris Enters Force CDM Strengthens On-the-Ground Climate Action
Panama City, 30 September 2016 Countries in Latin American and Caribbean Region Leading Climate Action
Bonn, 16 September 2016 CDM Board agrees message to Marrakech negotiators
Jeju Island, 7 September 2016 Market Approaches Key to Combatting Climate Change
Bonn, 22 July 2016 Clean Development Mechanism Model for Climate Action on the Ground
Kigali, 30 June 2016 Climate Change Response Requires Finance, Cooperation and Participation, Africa Carbon Forum 2016, 28-30 June 2016, Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, 28 June 2016 Climate Action Can Drive Sustainable Development in Africa, Africa Carbon Forum 2016, 28-30 June 2016, Kigali, Rwanda
Bonn, 24 June 2016 Asia Pacific Carbon Forum 2016, 5-7 September 2016, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
Bonn, 3 June 2016 Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum, Panama City, Panama, 28 - 30 September
Bangkok, 1 April 2016 Capacity-building and finance key to scaled-up climate action
Kigali, 24 March 2016 Rwanda to host the 2016 Africa Carbon Forum
Addis Ababa, 20 March 2016 Paris Agreement on climate change places Africa at the fulcrum of renewable energy deployment, experts agree
Bonn, 11 March 2016 Clean Development Mechanism to have evolving role in international climate action
Bonn, 7 March 2016 CDM Board elects Chair and Vice-Chair for 2016
Bonn, 2 March 2016 Africa Carbon Forum 2016, Kigali, Rwanda, 28 - 30 June


Paris, 27 November 2015 Highlights -- 87th meeting of the CDM Executive Board
Bangkok, 3 November 2015 CDM in Nepal: Household biogas systems bring real change
Bonn, 20 October 2015 Brazilian Embassy in London Celebrates Launch of UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative (French) (Spanish)
Bonn, 16 October 2015 Rule changes agreed to streamline, simplify CDM
New York, 22 September 2015 Go Climate Neutral Now - UN initiative for more voluntary action (French) (Spanish)
Santiago de Chile, 11 September 2015 9th Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum Concludes: Region Calls for Climate Finance and Market-Based Instruments in the Paris Agreement
Bonn, 10 September 2015 CDM communication channels expanded, streamlined
Bonn, 27 August 2015 UNFCCC Establishes Regional Collaboration Centre for Asia-Pacific Region
Bonn, 25 August 2015 Reaction from the Chair of the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee to the study on JI by the Stockholm Environment Institute
Bonn, 10 August 2015  Project participants invited to express interest in using the online platform for voluntary cancellation of CERs
Bonn, 24 July 2015 New standard for rural electrification adopted (French)
Bonn, 13 July 2015
Extended collaboration bolsters CDM in Africa (French)
Bonn, 29 May 2015
Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum 2015, Santiago de Chile, Chile, 9 - 11 September 2015
Bonn, 28 May 2015 CDM to be further simplified and streamlined (French)
Berlin, 4 May 2015  Keynote address by John Kilani to Parliamentarians in Berlin 
Marrakesh, 16 April 2015 7th Africa Carbon Forum concludes: African Ministers Call for Strong Paris Agreement, Climate Finance Flows (French) (Spanish)
Bonn, 16 April 2015 Electric vehicle projects receive fine tuning under CDM
Bonn, 16 March 2015 International agencies leverage strengths of the CDM
Bonn, 13 March 2015 Kyoto Protocol’s Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee agrees plan for 2015
Geneva, 20 February 2015 CDM aviation projects soon clear for take-off
Geneva, 16 February 2015 CDM Executive Board elects Chair and Vice-Chair for 2015
Bonn, 13 February 2015 Africa Carbon Forum 2015, Marrakesh, Morocco, 13-15 April (French)


Lima, 28 November 2014 Governments Urged to Release Full Potential of CDM for Strong Climate Action
Bonn, 17 September 2014 Kyoto Protocol’s Joint Implementation mechanism has role in present and future climate change action
Bonn,18 July 2014 Highlights -- 80th meeting of the CDM Executive Board
Bonn, 09 July 2014 Staff at the UN Climate Convention Back Climate Neutral Campaign - Purchasing of Offsets to Generate Funds for Vulnerable Communities
Windhoek, 04 July 2014 6th Africa Carbon Forum concludes: continent needs market and financial mechanisms fit for purpose
Lomé, 03 June 2014  The banking community and project developers gather at the Climate Finance and Investment Forum in West Africa to mobilize investment for regional projects 
Bonn, 01 June 2014 CDM EB 79 Press Highlights: CDM Board streamlines project approval process 
Bonn, 22 May 2014 Engaging Africa in the global carbon markets: 6th Africa Carbon Forum in Windhoek, Republic of Namibia, July 2-4, 2014
Bonn, 16 April 2014 Brazil Kicks Off Carbon Neutral Goal for FIFA World Cup
Bonn, 07 April 2014 Kyoto Protocol's CDM surpasses 250 registered programmes of activities
Bonn, 04 April 2014 CDM EB 78 Press Highlights: CDM open for business - CDM Board Chair
Bonn, 02 April 2014 Voluntary tool aims to appraise the sustainable development impact of the Kyoto Protocol’s CDM
Bonn, 18 March 2014 JISC 34 Press Highlights: Kyoto Protocol’s Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee agrees plan for 2014
Bonn, 21 February 2014 CDM EB 77 Press Highlights: Tough market conditions call for bold response


Bonn, 8 November 2013 CDM EB 76 Press Highlights: Board agrees on plan to improve CDM and seek out potential demand 
Bonn, 10 October 2013 UNFCCC workshops facilitate further action towards 2015 global climate agreement 
Bonn, 4 October 2013 CDM EB 75 Press Highlights - Board agrees 2-year plan to safeguard CDM
Bonn, 24 September 2013 JISC 33 Press Highlights: Recommendations for Kyoto Protocol’s JI mechanism agreed
Rio de Janeiro, 30 August 2013 Global Climate Specialists call for Markets Connectivity, Policy Clarity and the Scale up of International Climate Finance at the 7th Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum
Bonn, 22 August 2013 UNFCCC establishes fourth regional collaboration centre with the development bank of Latin America
Bonn, 7 August 2013 Response to Interpol’s Guide to Carbon Trading Crime, from John Kilani, Director of UNFCCC’s SDM programme
Bonn, 26 July 2013 CDM EB 74 Press Highlights - CDM regional collaboration centres find strong interest in Africa
Bonn, 25 July 2013 UNFCCC partners with non-profit organization to boost participation in clean development mechanism projects in the Caribbean
Bonn, 8 July 2013 Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism reaches milestone at 7,000 registered projects
Abidjan, 5 July 2013 5th Africa Carbon Forum promotes access to low-carbon development
Bonn, 19 June 2013 New report available on the market impact of a CDM capacity fund
Bonn, 18 June 2013 JISC 32 Press Highlights: Recommendations to improve Kyoto Protocol’s JI mechanism take shape
Bonn, 31 May 2013 CDM EB 73 Press Highlights - Executive Board approves standardized baselines for Southern African power grid and charcoal production
Bonn, 23 March 2013 Recommendations to improve Kyoto Protocol’s JI mechanism take shape
Bonn, 8 March 2013 CDM EB 72 Press Highlights - Executive Board crafts recommendations for improved clean development mechanism
Bonn, 27 Feb. 2013 Kyoto Protocol's CDM extends its reach, surpasses 100 registered PoAs
Bonn, 12 Feb. 2013 UNFCCC expands efforts to increase regional distribution of clean development mechanism projects
Bonn, 01 Feb. 2013 CDM EB 71 Press Highlights - Executive Board agrees plan to improve, position the CDM
Bonn, 30 Jan. 2013 Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism surpasses 6,000 projects
Bonn, 30 Jan. 2013 CDM Executive Board elects Chair and Vice-Chair for 2013
Bonn, 7 Jan. 2013 New JI project to protect forest, endangered species in Russia


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Doha, 23 Nov. 2012 CDM EB 70 Press Highlights - Executive Board adopts tool to promote sustainable development benefits
Bonn, 20 Nov. 2012 UNFCCC releases report on the benefits of the Kyoto Protocol's clean development mechanism 
Bonn, 15 Nov. 2012 Kyoto Protocol's clean development mechanism registers 5000th project
Bonn, 31 Oct. 2012 High-level panel releases large body of research on CDM
Bonn, 16 Oct. 2012 UNFCCC forges first-of-its-kind partnership to assist development of emission-reduction projects
Bangkok, 13 Sept 2012 CDM EB 69 Press Highlights - CDM Board paves way for voluntary cancellation of certified emission reductions 
Bonn, 12 Sept. 2012 First loans worth more than USD $3 Million approved under CDM Loan Scheme
Bonn, 10 Sept. 2012 High-level panel calls on nations to safeguard future of CDM and carbon market
Bonn, 7 Sept. 2012 Kyoto Protocol's CDM passes one billionth certified emission reduction milestone
Bonn, 4 Sept. 2012 UNFCCC launches second help desk to support CDM projects
Bonn, 2 August 2012 UNFCCC launches help desk for DNAs
Bonn, 20 July 2012 EB 68 Press Highlights - Executive Board adopts guidelines to greatly extend benefits of the CDM
Bonn, 10 July 2012 First round of CDM Loan Scheme reveals great interest for projects
Cologne, 01 June 2012 High-Level Panel on the CDM Policy Dialogue elaborates recommendations on future of CDM 
Cologne, 31 May 2012 Industry should spur government action toward inevitable low-carbon future, says UN's top climate change official
Bonn, 11 May 2012 EB 67 Press Highlights - CDM Board seeks ways to greatly increase attractiveness of small-scale projects
Addis Ababa, 20 April 2012 New loan scheme launched to boost CDM projects in least developed countries 
Bonn, 13 April 2012 Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism reaches milestone at 4,000 registered projects
Bonn, 30 March 2012 New procedures enhance clarity, transparency and efficiency of the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism
Bonn, 23 March 2012 National authorities vital to sustainable development
Bonn, 2 March 2012 EB 66 Press Highlights: Way paved for scaling up CDM through use of standardized emissions baselines 
Bonn, 6 March 2012 Clean rural electrification gets boost from Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism
Bonn, 20 Feb. 2012 First ever cook stove PoA in Africa registered with the CDM
Bonn, 20 Feb. 2012 High-Level Panel on the CDM Policy Dialogue affirms commitment to work in open, independent manner


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Durban, 15 Dec. 2011 UNFCCC Executive Secretary launched high-level policy dialogue on Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism at COP17 in Durban 
Durban, 25 Nov. 2011 EB 65 Press Highlights: Board adopts comprehensive standards intended to enhance clarity/quality
Bonn, 26 October 2011 EB 64 Press Highlights: Public input will inform policy dialogue, future direction of CDM
Quito, 29 Sept. 2011 EB 63 Press Highlights: Quito inspires launch of policy dialogue on CDM
Marrakesh, 15 July 2011 EB 62 Press Highlights
Bonn, 3 June 2011 EB 61 Press Highlights
Bonn, 30 May 2011 3rd Africa Carbon Forum in Marrakesh, on 4-6 July 2011 Conference, Trade Fair to help spur CDM projects in Africa 
Bonn, 5 May 2011 Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism reaches milestone at 3,000 projects
Bangkok, 15 April 2011 EB 60 Press Highlights
Bonn, 18 Feb. 2011 EB 59 Press Highlights


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Cancun, 11 Dec. 2010 CDM and JI at CMP6
Cancun, Nov. 2010 EB 58 Press Highlights
Bonn, 14 Oct. 2010 EB 57 Press Highlights
Brasilia, 17 Sept. 2010 EB 56 Press Highlights
Bonn, 30 July 2010 EB 55 Press Highlights
Bonn, 28 May 2010 EB 54 Press Highlights
Nairobi, 5 March 2010 Africa source of growth, focus of interest for international emissions offset market


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Bonn, 18 December 2008 Kyoto Protocol’s CDM passes 100 millionth certified emission reduction milestone 
Bonn, 14 October 2008 Kyoto Protocol emissions trading system goes global
Kiev, 10 Sept. 2009 Ukraine hosts 6th Joint Implementation technical workshop and 17th Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee meeting
Bonn, 24 June 2008 John Kilani appointed Director in support of Kyoto Protocol carbon market mechanism
Bonn, 14 April 2008 Kyoto Protocol clean development mechanism passes 1000th registered project milestone
Bonn, 13 March 2008 Regional distribution, streamlining regulatory process priorities for clean development mechanism in coming months, says CDM Executive Board Chair Rajesh Kumar Sethi 
Bonn, 11 February 2009 International emissions offsetting under Kyoto Protocol has critical role in response to climate change, says new Chair of CDM Executive Board 


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Nusa Dua, 6 December 2007 Important steps taken to expand CDM in Africa, much remains to be done – Nairobi Framework partners
Bonn, 14 Sept. 2007 Fossil fuel efficiency projects to receive much-needed investment under Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism
Bonn, 5 Sept. 2007 UN launches CDM Bazaar web-portal to serve clean development mechanism buyers, sellers, stakeholders 
Bonn, 9 June 2006 Emission reductions from Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism pass the one billion tonnes mark
Montreal, 9 Dec. 2005 European Commission to pay additional 853,000 EUR to support Kyoto’s flexible mechanisms and technology transfer
Bonn, 20 October 2005 First emission credits issued under the Kyoto Protocol 
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Bonn, 18 Nov. 2004 The Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism takes off: first CDM project registered
Bonn, 16 June 2004 Scope for CDM widening 
Bonn, 2 April 2004 CDM ready to register first projects
Bonn, 28 July 2003 Green light for submission of CDM projects: Executive Board approves first methodologies
Bonn, 10 June 2003 Executive Board considers methodologies for Clean Development Mechanism projects
Bonn, 29 Jan. 2003 Kyoto Protocol: Executive Board launches process for small-scale CDM projects
Bonn, 20 August 2002 CDM Accreditation Process launched. Invitation to Roundtable on the “CDM: From idea to reality”
Marrakech, 10 Nov. 2001 Governments ready to ratify Kyoto Protocol
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