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The secretariat receives a high number of requests for information. To help speed up our service to the public and CDM stakeholders, please consult the available information sources, here on the CDM website, before sending an email.

Your questions regarding:Source
The operation and governance of the CDM CDM modalities and procedures
For comprehensive information on the operation and governance of the CDM
For answers to frequently asked questions
CDM reference section
For all of the up-to-date rules, guidance, forms, etc. related to CDM
Decisions and rulings of the CDM Executive Board Catalogue of CDM decisions
For searching for decisions and rulings of the CDM Executive Board
CDM terminology CDM glossary of terms
Sustainable Development co-Benefits Tool/ Report (voluntary reporting) CDM co-Benefits

If you cannot find the information you need from above sources, please use one of the channels below to contact us, as appropriate.

For non-process based queries

As per procedure "Direct communication with stakeholders" stakeholders may initiate a communication directing to the CDM Executive Board or the secretariat, on the understanding, application and development of CDM rules and the implementation of project activities and programmes of activities (PoAs), e.g., technical or operational explanation, suggestions/ proposals for new regulations, using the contact form.

Alternatively you may use "Stakeholder communication form" (CDM-COM-FORM), available under the CDM webpage, Rules and Reference section, under the Forms sub-section, here .
The completed form (CDM-COM-FORM) and any supplemental documents shall be submitted electronically to, or via fax to +49-228-815-1999 or via post to: Sustainable Development Mechanism (SDM) Programme, UNFCCC secretariat, P.O. Box 260124, D-53153 Bonn, Germany.

For process based queries

If you are a contracted DOE or a project-focal point registered for scope (c) as stated in the modalities of communication (MoC) and want to request a case-specific clarifying telephone call with the secretariat related to a submission made under the CDM Project Cycle Procedure, please send an email to with the following subject line: "Request for Telephone call - Direct Communication - Project No."
If you are a DOE that has performed a validation activity (including renewal of crediting period and the inclusion of a CPA in a registered PoA) for the CDM project activity or PoA and wish to perform a verification for the same project activity or PoA, please submit a request for authorization to do so from the Board by completing the "Validation and verification by same DOE authorization request form" (CDM-VV-FORM) to with the following subject line: "Request for authorization from the Board - Validation and Verification by the same DOE - Project/PoA No."
If a host Party wishes to withdraw its approval/authorization of a project activity/PoA and/or project participant, the DNA of the host Party, in accordance with the ?Procedure: Process for dealing with letters from DNAs that withdraw approval/authorization?, may use channel to send a Withdrawal Letter to the secretariat, addressed to the Board.
DOE/AE may submit inquiries relating to its accreditation process, such as a request for information and clarification on specific assessments or status of its accreditation to Project participants or coordinating/managing entities may also use this channel for complaints against a DOE in accordance with the complaint procedure contained in the "CDM accreditation procedure".
An authorized representative of the project participants or the coordinating/managing entity may submit a request related to accounts in the CDM Registry, forwarding of certified emission reductions (CERs), and actions related to modalities of communication to
For development, revision or update of CDM baseline and monitoring methodologies and methodological tools or standardized baselines, please contact
CDM project participants and coordinating/managing entities seeking further information on how to upload a CDM Sustainable Development co-Benefits Report, or a related issue, please contact