Standardized Baselines

Please note that as per paragraph 12 of the EB119 report, the Board decided to not consider proposed updated standardized baselines submitted to the secretariat after 31 December 2023.

Standardized Baselines

Project participants may select an approved standardized baseline if the approved standardized baseline is valid and applicable to the proposed CDM project activity or PoA in accordance with the “CDM project standard".

20.JPG+ Approved Standardized Baselines
+ Approved Afforestation and Reforestation Standardized Baselines
+ Expired Standardized Baselines
+ Proposed Bottom-up Standardized Baselines  [Pending |  Finalized Withdrawn]
+ Proposed Top-down Standardized Baselines [Pending |  Finalized Withdrawn]

Requests for:
+ Clarification of approved standardized baselines [Pending | Finalized]
+ Revision of approved standardized baselines [Pending |  Finalized]
+ Update of approved standardized baselines [PendingFinalized]



The use of standardized baselines can potentially reduce transaction costs, enhance transparency, objectivity and predictability, facilitate access to the CDM, particularly with regard to underrepresented project types and regions, and scale up the abatement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while ensuring environmental integrity. More relevant information is available at the below webpages:

+ Good practice examples
+ SB-related publications 




Documents+ Background -In response to decision 3/CMP.6, the Board requested the secretariat to develop a general methodological framework for the development and assessment of standardized baselines.
+ Procedures
+ Standards
+ Guidelines
+ Forms
+ Data templates 


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