Approved Baseline and Monitoring Methodologies for Large Scale CDM Project Activities

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Approved large scale methodologies

95 methodologies.

Meth Number Full View and History Meth Booklet Ref Comments
AM0001 Decomposition of fluoroform (HFC-23) waste streams --- Version 6.0.0 PDF Ref AM0001 Submit comments
AM0007 Analysis of the least-cost fuel option for seasonally-operating biomass cogeneration plants --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0007 Submit comments
AM0009 Recovery and utilization of gas from oil fields that would otherwise be flared or vented --- Version 7.0 PDF Ref AM0009 Submit comments
AM0017 Steam system efficiency improvements by replacing steam traps and returning condensate --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0017 Submit comments
AM0018 Baseline methodology for steam optimization systems --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AM0018 Submit comments
AM0019 Renewable energy projects replacing part of the electricity production of one single fossil fuel fired power plant that stands alone or supplies to a grid, excluding biomass projects --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0019 Submit comments
AM0020 Baseline methodology for water pumping efficiency improvements --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0020 Submit comments
AM0021 Baseline Methodology for decomposition of N2O from existing adipic acid production plants --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0021 Submit comments
AM0023 Leak detection and repair in gas production, processing, transmission, storage and distribution systems and in refinery facilities --- Version 4.0.0 PDF Ref AM0023 Submit comments
AM0026 Methodology for zero-emissions grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources in Chile or in countries with merit order based dispatch grid --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0026 Submit comments
AM0027 Substitution of CO2 from fossil or mineral origin by CO2 from biogenic residual sources in the production of inorganic compounds --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0027 Submit comments
AM0028 N2O destruction in the tail gas of Caprolactam production plants --- Version 6.0 PDF Ref AM0028 Submit comments
AM0030 PFC emission reductions from anode effect mitigation at primary aluminium smelting facilities --- Version 4.0.0 PDF Ref AM0030 Submit comments
AM0031 Bus rapid transit projects --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref AM0031 Submit comments
AM0035 SF6 emission reductions in electrical grids --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0035 Submit comments
AM0036 Use of biomass in heat generation equipment --- Version 7.0 PDF Ref AM0036 Submit comments
AM0037 Flare (or vent) reduction and utilization of gas from oil wells as a feedstock --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0037 Submit comments
AM0038 Methodology for improved electrical energy efficiency of an existing submerged electric arc furnace used for the production of silicon and ferro alloys --- Version 3.0.0 PDF Ref AM0038 Submit comments
AM0043 Leak reduction from a natural gas distribution grid by replacing old cast iron pipes or steel pipes without cathodic protection with polyethylene pipes --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0043 Submit comments
AM0044 Energy efficiency improvement projects - boiler rehabilitation or replacement in industrial and district heating sectors --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0044 Submit comments
AM0045 Grid connection of isolated electricity systems --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0045 Submit comments
AM0046 Distribution of efficient light bulbs to households --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0046 Submit comments
AM0048 New cogeneration project activities supplying electricity and heat to multiple customers --- Version 5.0 PDF Ref AM0048 Submit comments
AM0049 Methodology for gas based energy generation in an industrial facility --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0049 Submit comments
AM0050 Feed switch in integrated Ammonia-urea manufacturing industry --- Version 3.0.0 PDF Ref AM0050 Submit comments
AM0052 Increased electricity generation from existing hydropower stations through Decision Support System optimization --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0052 Submit comments
AM0053 Biogenic methane injection to a natural gas distribution grid --- Version 4.0.0 PDF Ref AM0053 Submit comments
AM0055 Recovery and utilization of waste gas in refinery or gas plant --- Version 2.1.0 PDF Ref AM0055 Submit comments
AM0056 Efficiency improvement by boiler replacement or rehabilitation and optional fuel switch in fossil fuel-fired steam boiler systems --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0056 Submit comments
AM0057 Avoided emissions from biomass wastes through use as feed stock in pulp and paper, cardboard, fibreboard or bio-oil production --- Version 3.0.1 PDF Ref AM0057 Submit comments
AM0058 Introduction of a district heating system --- Version 5.0 PDF Ref AM0058 Submit comments
AM0059 Reduction in GHGs emission from primary aluminium smelters --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0059 Submit comments
AM0060 Power saving through replacement by energy efficient chillers --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0060 Submit comments
AM0061 Methodology for rehabilitation and/or energy efficiency improvement in existing power plants --- Version 2.1 PDF Ref AM0061 Submit comments
AM0062 Energy efficiency improvements of a power plant through retrofitting turbines --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0062 Submit comments
AM0063 Recovery of CO2 from tail gas in industrial facilities to substitute the use of fossil fuels for production of CO2 --- Version 1.2.0 PDF Ref AM0063 Submit comments
AM0064 Capture and utilisation or destruction of mine methane (excluding coal mines) or non mine methane --- Version 3.0.0 PDF Ref AM0064 Submit comments
AM0065 Replacement of SF6 with alternate cover gas in the magnesium industry --- Version 2.1 PDF Ref AM0065 Submit comments
AM0066 GHG emission reductions through waste heat utilisation for pre-heating of raw materials in sponge iron manufacturing process --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0066 Submit comments
AM0067 Methodology for installation of energy efficient transformers in a power distribution grid --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0067 Submit comments
AM0068 Methodology for improved energy efficiency by modifying ferroalloy production facility --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0068 Submit comments
AM0069 Biogenic methane use as feedstock and fuel for town gas production --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0069 Submit comments
AM0070 Manufacturing of energy efficient domestic refrigerators --- Version 3.1.0 PDF Ref AM0070 Submit comments
AM0071 Manufacturing and servicing of domestic and/or small commercial refrigeration appliances using a low GWP refrigerant --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0071 Submit comments
AM0072 Fossil Fuel Displacement by Geothermal Resources for Space Heating --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0072 Submit comments
AM0073 GHG emission reductions through multi-site manure collection and treatment in a central plant --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0073 Submit comments
AM0074 Methodology for new grid connected power plants using permeate gas previously flared and/or vented --- Version 3.0.0 PDF Ref AM0074 Submit comments
AM0075 Methodology for collection, processing and supply of biogas to end-users for production of heat --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0075 Submit comments
AM0076 Implementation of fossil fuel trigeneration systems in existing industrial facilities --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0076 Submit comments
AM0077 Recovery of gas from oil wells that would otherwise be vented or flared and its delivery to specific end-users --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0077 Submit comments
AM0078 Point of Use Abatement Device to Reduce SF6 emissions in LCD Manufacturing Operations --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0078 Submit comments
AM0079 Recovery of SF6 from Gas insulated electrical equipment in testing facilities --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0079 Submit comments
AM0080 Mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions with treatment of wastewater in aerobic wastewater treatment plants --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0080 Submit comments
AM0081 Flare or vent reduction at coke plants through the conversion of their waste gas into dimethyl ether for use as a fuel --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0081 Submit comments
AM0082 Use of charcoal from planted renewable biomass in a new iron ore reduction system --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0082 Submit comments
AM0083 Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by in-situ aeration of landfills --- Version 1.0.1 PDF Ref AM0083 Submit comments
AM0084 Installation of cogeneration system supplying electricity and chilled water to new and existing consumers --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0084 Submit comments
AM0086 Distribution of low greenhouse gas emitting water purification systems for safe drinking water --- Version 5.0 PDF Ref AM0086 Submit comments
AM0088 Air separation using cryogenic energy recovered from the vaporization of LNG --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0088 Submit comments
AM0089 Production of diesel using a mixed feedstock of gasoil and vegetable oil --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0089 Submit comments
AM0090 Modal shift in transportation of cargo from road transportation to water or rail transportation --- Version 1.1.0 PDF Ref AM0090 Submit comments
AM0091 Energy efficiency technologies and fuel switching in new and existing buildings --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AM0091 Submit comments
AM0092 Substitution of PFC gases for cleaning Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) reactors in the semiconductor industry --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0092 Submit comments
AM0093 Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by passive aeration of landfills --- Version 1.0.1 PDF Ref AM0093 Submit comments
AM0094 Distribution of biomass based stove and/or heater for household or institutional use --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0094 Submit comments
AM0095 Waste gas based combined cycle power plant in a Greenfield iron and steel plant --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0095 Submit comments
AM0096 CF4 emission reduction from installation of an abatement system in a semiconductor manufacturing facility --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0096 Submit comments
AM0097 Installation of high voltage direct current power transmission line --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0097 Submit comments
AM0098 Utilization of ammonia-plant off gas for steam generation --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0098 Submit comments
AM0099 Installation of a new natural gas fired gas turbine to an existing CHP plant --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0099 Submit comments
AM0100 Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) projects --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0100 Submit comments
AM0101 High speed passenger rail systems --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0101 Submit comments
AM0103 Renewable energy power generation in isolated grids --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AM0103 Submit comments
AM0104 Interconnection of electricity grids in countries with economic merit order dispatch --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0104 Submit comments
AM0105 Energy efficiency in data centres through dynamic power management --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0105 Submit comments
AM0106 Energy efficiency improvements of a lime production facility through installation of new kilns --- Version 2.0.0 PDF Ref AM0106 Submit comments
AM0107 New natural gas based cogeneration plant --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AM0107 Submit comments
AM0108 Interconnection between electricity systems for energy exchange --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0108 Submit comments
AM0109 Introduction of hot supply of Direct Reduced Iron in Electric Arc Furnaces --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0109 Submit comments
AM0110 Modal shift in transportation of liquid fuels --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0110 Submit comments
AM0111 Abatement of fluorinated greenhouse gases in semiconductor manufacturing --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref AM0111 Submit comments
AM0112 Less carbon intensive power generation through continuous reductive distillation of waste --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0112 Submit comments
AM0113 Distribution of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps to households --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AM0113 Submit comments
AM0114 Shift from electrolytic to catalytic process for recycling of chlorine from hydrogen chloride gas in isocyanate plants --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0114 Submit comments
AM0115 Recovery and utilization of coke oven gas from coke plants for LNG production --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0115 Submit comments
AM0116 Electric taxiing systems for airplanes --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0116 Submit comments
AM0117 Introduction of a new district cooling system --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0117 Submit comments
AM0118 Introduction of low resistivity power transmission line --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0118 Submit comments
AM0119 SF6 emission reductions in gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0119 Submit comments
AM0120 Energy-efficient refrigerators and air-conditioners --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0120 Submit comments
AM0121 Emission reduction from partial switching of raw materials and increasing the share of additives in the production of blended cement --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0121 Submit comments
AM0122 Recovery of methane-rich vapours from hydrocarbon storage tanks --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AM0122 Submit comments
AM0123 Renewable energy generation for captive use --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AM0123 Submit comments
AM0124 Hydrogen production from electrolysis of water --- Version 1.1 PDF Ref AM0124 Submit comments
AM0125 Production of geopolymer cement --- Version 1.1 PDF Ref AM0125 Submit comments

Approved consolidated methodologies

25 methodologies.

Meth Number Full View and History Meth Booklet Ref Comments
ACM0001 Flaring or use of landfill gas --- Version 19.0 PDF Ref ACM0001 Submit comments
ACM0002 Grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources --- Version 22.0 PDF Ref ACM0002 Submit comments
ACM0003 Partial substitution of fossil fuels in cement or quicklime manufacture --- Version 9.0 PDF Ref ACM0003 Submit comments
ACM0005 Increasing the blend in cement production --- Version 7.1.0 PDF Ref ACM0005 Submit comments
ACM0006 Electricity and heat generation from biomass --- Version 16.0 PDF Ref ACM0006 Submit comments
ACM0007 Conversion from single cycle to combined cycle power generation --- Version 6.1.0 PDF Ref ACM0007 Submit comments
ACM0008 Abatement of methane from coal mines --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref ACM0008 Submit comments
ACM0009 Fuel switching from coal or petroleum fuel to natural gas --- Version 5.0 PDF Ref ACM0009 Submit comments
ACM0010 GHG emission reductions from manure management systems --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref ACM0010 Submit comments
ACM0011 Fuel switching from coal and/or petroleum fuels to natural gas in existing power plants for electricity generation --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref ACM0011 Submit comments
ACM0012 Waste energy recovery --- Version 6.0 PDF Ref ACM0012 Submit comments
ACM0013 Construction and operation of new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology --- Version 5.0.0 PDF Ref ACM0013 Submit comments
ACM0014 Treatment of wastewater --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref ACM0014 Submit comments
ACM0015 Emission reductions from raw material switch in clinker production --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref ACM0015 Submit comments
ACM0016 Mass Rapid Transit Projects --- Version 6.0 PDF Ref ACM0016 Submit comments
ACM0017 Production of biofuel --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref ACM0017 Submit comments
ACM0018 Electricity generation from biomass in power-only plants --- Version 6.0 PDF Ref ACM0018 Submit comments
ACM0019 N2O abatement from nitric acid production --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref ACM0019 Submit comments
ACM0020 Co-firing of biomass residues for heat generation and/or electricity generation in grid connected power plants --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref ACM0020 Submit comments
ACM0021 Reduction of emissions from charcoal production by improved kiln design and/or abatement of methane --- Version 1.0.0 PDF Ref ACM0021 Submit comments
ACM0022 Alternative waste treatment processes --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref ACM0022 Submit comments
ACM0023 Introduction of an efficiency improvement technology in a boiler --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref ACM0023 Submit comments
ACM0024 Natural gas substitution by biogenic methane produced from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref ACM0024 Submit comments
ACM0025 Construction of a new natural gas power plant --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref ACM0025 Submit comments
ACM0026 Fossil fuel based cogeneration for identified recipient facility(ies) --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref ACM0026 Submit comments