AM0035: SF6 emission reductions in electrical grids --- Version 2.0.0

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Title SF6 emission reductions in electrical grids (198 KB)
Word version (203 KB)

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Version number
Scale Large scale
Status Active
Validity Valid from 23 Nov 12 onwards
Sectoral scope(s) 1, 11
Approval history NM0135
Previous Versions
Title SF6 Emission Reductions in Electrical Grids --- Version 1 (181 KB)
Version number 1.0
Validity Valid from 28 Sep 06 to 22 Nov 12
Requests for registration can be submitted until 23 Jul 2013 23:59:59 GMT
Sectoral scope(s) 1, 11
Clarifications* The applicability of the methodology to the existing recovery activity and only to the distribution part. (submitted 07 May 10): AM_CLA_0184 (169 KB)
Application of AM0035 in case data does not exist enough (submitted 13 May 11): AM_CLA_0213 (194 KB)
Clarification about the revision of AM0035 regarding recovery rate improvement of SF6 (submitted 22 Aug 11): AM_CLA_0220 (239 KB)
Revisions* Revision of AM 0035 on the applicability and baseline methodology for the existing recycling activity (submitted 02 Apr 12): AM_REV_0235 (126 KB)
Approval history NM0135

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