CDM films


The short films below were produced to showcase the benefits of the CDM across the world. Presented in a simple and touching way, the films demonstrate how the lives of people have changed in Colombia, South Africa and Uganda and show the positive impacts of the CDM on people's lives.

BRT Bogotá, Colombia: TransMilenio Phase II to IV


A rapid transit system in Bogotá, Colombia

CDM project 0672


Summary: In Bogotá, Colombia, a clean and efficient transportation network is transforming the city and improving lives. The Bus Rapid Transit system, Transmilenio, is a massive transportation system that brings exclusive bus lanes operating different routes through the city. The project has improved lives in Bogotá, one of the largest cities in Latin America, where traffic congestion is a major challenge and air quality remains poor.


Kuyasa low-cost urban housing energy upgrade project


Solar water heaters in Cape Town, South Africa

CDM project 0079

Summary: In Cape Town, South Africa, residents of an informal settlement have made a home energy transformation that is improving lives and revitalizing the community. Their project was the first in Africa to register under the CDM. Over 2,300 homes were retrofitted under the project with solar water heaters, insulated ceilings and energy-efficient lighting, bringing training and employment to 85 participants in an area where almost two out of three are unemployed.


Improved Cookstoves for East Africa


Efficient cook stoves in Uganda

CDM programme of activities 7014


Summary: In Lira, Uganda, a new kind of efficient cook stove is being produced from locally sourced sustainable materials, saving trees and changing lives. Over 90% of Ugandans cook over an open fire. The changeover to an efficient cook stove can bring an average 35% savings on fuel, reduce smoke exposure, and help prevent deforestation. Although the stoves are sold at a subsidized price, many Ugandans have yet to make the switch, and smoke exposure from traditional cooking methods is a major cause of illness.