UNFCCC/CDM International Video Contest 2010

First Place: Olivier Diamant | Title: Landfil Project in Pasto, Colombia

CDM Project: 2794 Bionersis Landfill Project in Pasto, Colombia
Animation Designer’s Bio: Olivier Diamant is a freelance web designer based in Paris. He studied multimedia and has worked as animation designer for CDs and websites. He created this animation for the company Bionersis with the aim of explaining in a fun way a bit more about this landfill project in a small village of Colombia.

Description of Video: This short animation shows, in a simple and fun way, how waste can be used to generate electricity.

Second Place: Hector Tapia and Juan Martínez | Title: Luz Verde in Puebla, Mexico

CDM Project: PoA 2535 Cuidemos Mexico
Biography: Hector Tapia Reyes studied photography and Juan Martinez communication. Both have extensive experience in broadcast media and have worked as producers of television shows. As independent film makers, they have produced a variety of documentaries on social issues

Description of Video: Luz Verde is the world’s first lighting project under the CDM. In 2009, the project participants delivered one million compact fluorescent lamps to households in Puebla, Mexico. These energy efficient bulbs have saved householders significant costs on their energy bills and are reducing CO2 emissions.

Third Place: Lalit Ajgaonkar and Sidharth Singh | Title: Changing Lives in Gorai

CDM Project: 2944 Gorai Landfill Closure and Gas Capture Project, Mumbai, India
Producer’s Bio: Lalit Ajgaonkar has more than 15 years experience in the film and television production business. He has produced and directed over 200 commercials, some of which have won a number of awards. He runs a production company based in Mumbai.

Director’s Bio:Sidharth Singh is a Mumbai-based filmmaker with diverse experience ranging from scriptwriting and making documentaries and short films to directing live sports events. One of his short films has been shown at numerous festivals in the United States of America, Japan, Germany and India. Description of Video: Located in north suburban Mumbai, the Gorai dumpsite was one of the most polluted places in the city for 72 years. It caused various problems, ranging from health hazards to loss of marine life. Amrita Mane grew up in this neighbourhood, which was infamous for its pollution. She tells the story of the transformation of the Gorai dumpsite into a beautiful expanse of green thanks to this CDM project and explains the positive impact this project has had on all aspects of life in the area.

Biographies of the judges | Best of Changing Lives 2010

Thank you to all photographers/digital video producers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants