UNFCCC/CDM International Photo Contest 2011

First Place: Abeer Ibrahim
Title: Hand-off

CDM Project: 0834 Egyptian Brick Factory GHG Reduction Project
Photographer’s Bio: Abeer Ibrahim is an amateur photographer and artist from Luxor, Egypt. She enjoys taking photographs of people going about their daily lives in a rural environment. When she is not practicing her art, she helps develop renewable energy projects. This is her first entry in a photography contest.

Photo Description: Workers pass raw mud bricks to be stacked into a kiln for firing. The finished red bricks are seen in the background.This project converts 311 independent brick kilns from burning heavy oil to natural gas. The end results are reduced GHG emissions and health and quality of life improvements for the local and regional communities.

Second Place: Xiaodi Cai
Title: A way to a better life

CDM Project: 3965 Anhui Suzhou 2×12.5MW Biomass Power Generation Project
Photographer’s Bio: After graduating from Hunan University, Mr.Xiaodi Cai joined a Chinese consulting firm. In recent years, he began focusing on CDM projects, including biomass, biogas, biofuel, wind and solar power. As an amateur photographer, he is accustomed to taking photos for and of the people who benefit from CDM projects. These photos help remind him that his work is not only to fight against global warming, but also to help people achieve a better life.

Description of Photo: Local residents transport corn stalks to the project site, where they will be burned to generate electricity. This project utilizes surplus biomass products like corn stalks, which would otherwise be wasted, to generate clean energy.

Third Place: Fuping Wang
Title: Dreamlike lighthouse

CDM Project: 1898 Fujian Jinjiang LNG Power Generation Project
Photographer’s Bio: Fuping Wang is a special correspondent for China's Building Materials Newspaper, Secretary General of Fujian Youth Photographer Association and a member of the Fujian Photographer Association. His work has received more than 40 awards in numerous local and national photography competitions. Wang has also held three personal photography exhibitions in his home country of China.

Photo Description: Four gas turbine generators look like giant lighthouses as they light the night sky. This project makes use of natural gas, a kind of clean and low-emission energy for power generation. The power generated by the project will replace power that would otherwise be generated by the East China Power Grid, dominated by coal-fired power plants, thus reducing GHG emissions.

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Thank you to all photographers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants