UNFCCC/CDM International Video Contest 2011

First Place: Eitan Dotan

Title: A mountain of change

CDM Project: 0147 Hiriya Landfill Project

Animation Designer’s Bio: Eitan Dotan has 20 years of extensive production experience in film, TV, and video across a broad range of genres. His work includes documentaries, TV programmes, educational materials and prize-winning international promotional films. One of Eitan's driving motivations is to promote social and ecological global issues.

Description of Video: This short animation shows, in a simple and fun way, how waste can be used to generate thermal energy. In previous decades, waste from Israeli households was disposed of in primitive dump sites that contaminated ground water and freely emitted methane gas. These dump sites were operated unsupervised and with minimal regulatory requirements. This project reduces health risks to the nearby population, improves ground and surface water quality, increases employment opportunities and avoids uncontrolled waste management.

Second Place: Newcrest’s Media Resource Production & Training (MRPT)

Title: Geothermal energy changing lives on Lihir Island

CDM Project: PoA 2535 Geothermal energy changing lives on Lihir Island

Producers’s Bio: Newcrest’s Media Resource Production & Training (MRPT) section, based on Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea, is comprised of nine staff: David Haigh, Superintendent; Esther Sibona, Coordinator; David Blum, Audio Visual; Anasthesia Angoro, Christopher Tabel and Elizabeth Tami, Publications & Translations; Berson Paulias, Sam Kopis and Joe Lupole, GIS and Mapping. Together, under the direction of David Haigh, the team produced this video led by Esther Sibona and David Blum.

Description of Video: Located in Lihir Island, this project makes use of the ‘waste’ steam from mining activities. This supplements and minimises the use of the existing diesel power station and thus reduces emissions. Providing clean electricity for island residents brings additional benefits to the whole community by allowing people to study, work, and drive in the evenings with electric light.

Third Place: Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil and Myriad Media

Title: Al-Shaheen flare recovery and utilisation project

CDM Project: 2944 Al-Shaheen flare recovery and utilisation project

Producer’s Bio: This video was jointly produced and directed by Qatar Petroleum, Maersk Oil and Myriad Media (producer: James Thompson, director: James Appleton from Myriad Media). Mr. Saif Al-Naimi is Director of HSE Regulations and Enforcement Directorate at Qatar Petroleum and is responsible for regulating and enforcing the implementation, compliance, convention, treaties and protocol in the energy and industry. Thomas Grondorf, Sabina Zawadzki and Kerry Morris comprised the project team from Maersk Oil.

Description of Video: In the past, the Al-Shaheen oil field would flare all gas created by the facility. Thanks to this project, 80% of the gas is now captured and turned into clean electricity. This project contributes substantially to the reduction GHG emissions in Qatar, while increasing the national electricity supply, providing employment and transferring technical knowledge to the local industry.

Biographies of the judges | Best of Changing Lives 2011

Thank you to all photographers/digital video producers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants