UNFCCC/CDM International Video Contest 2009

First Place: Yang Li & Xiaochen Zhan | Title: CDM Changes Nasong’s Life

CDM Project: 1243 Sulige Natural Gas Based Power Generation Project
Biography: Yang Li has been working in the film and television industry for 11 years. He has produced 20 films promoting public welfare and environmental protection. Xiaochen Zhang is studying for his PhD degree while teaching a course on global climate change in the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at Virginia Tech.

Description of Video: Thanks to this CDM project in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the local minorities, who have suffered from harsh economic conditions, can start a new life. The project has renewed hope for the future of the local people, especially Nasong, a 10-year-old Mongolian boy.

Second Place: Sandeep Damre | Title: Circle of Light

CDM Project: 1852 Abatement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Biomass Residue Based Cogeneration at Claris Lifesciences Limited
Biography: Sandeep Damre is an artist, photographer and videographer based in India. With an extensive background in corporate advertising, he has directed numerous corporate films and documentaries.

Description of Video: In the villages of Gujarat, children celebrate the festival of Diwali, going from home to home, collecting oil to light lamps. The oil traditionally used in these lamps comes from castor. Gujarat is the largest producer of castor in India, contributing over 70 per cent of the country’s castor production.

Third Place: Van Yang | Title: Changing Lives in China

CDM Project: 1228 Waste Gas Based Captive Power Plant in Liangang Group
Biography: Van is a young Chinese-American filmmaker based in Beijing. He believes there is no faster or more powerful way to inspire and educate people than with a carefully composed video filled with beautiful visuals, dynamic music and good information. Van's focus is on revealing the unsung heroes of China's "Green Revolution".

Description of Video: The Liangang Steel Mill prevents more than 189 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every year. See the amazing impact the CDM has had and how it is changing lives in China.

Biographies of the judges | Best of Changing Lives 2009

Thank you to all photographers/digital video producers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants