UNFCCC/CDM International Photo Contest 2009

Joint First Place: Tao Ketu | Title: Future of Clean Energy - Solar Cooker One & Two CDM Project: 2307 Federal Intertrade Pengyang Solar Cooker Project
Photographer’s Bio: Mongolian-born Tao Ketu is an award-winning photographer specializing in documentary photography. He has dedicated himself to capturing the changing face of China. His photos have been published in numerous local and national media. In 2003, Tao Ketu was named Outstanding National Photographer by the Chinese Photographic Society for his photos depicting life in areas heavily affected by SARS disease.

Description of Photos: Villagers push their solar cookers home with joy. The project has provided thousands of solar cookers to villagers in the rural mountainous area of Ningxia Hui, one of the poorest places in China. The Pengyang region, located at high altitude, is ideal for utilizing solar energy.

Second Place: Ivonne Sánchez Saleh
Title: Rainbow at Eurus Wind Farm

CDM Project: 0728 Eurus Wind Farm
Photographer’s Bio: Ivonne Sánchez Saleh is a chemical engineer who works as an environmental consultant for CO2 Solutions, a company specializing in development of CDM projects.

Description of Photo: Eurus Wind Farm is located in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, an area well known for its wind resources. The energy that will be produced by the wind farm is estimated to be sufficient to power a Mexican city of half a million inhabitants.

Third Place: Yi Zhang
Title: Xinjiang Ocean

CDM Project: 1734 Xinjiang Tianfeng Dabancheng Second Phase Wind Farm Project
Photographer’s Bio: Yi Zhang is a Chinese national based in Shanghai. He was sponsored by Energy Systems International to do a photo shoot of the project. Yi Zhang has undertaken photo shoots for major multinational companies and international publications. He dedicates himself to environmental protection projects in China.

Photo Description: A Xinjiang worker takes a break from inspecting a wind turbine to admire the blue autumn sky.

Biographies of the judges | Best of Changing Lives 2009

Thank you to all photographers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants