UNFCCC/CDM International Video Contest 2013

First prize: Francisco Leroux Muñoz

Title: Now I realize

CDM Project: 6335: Puebla Landfill Gas to Energy Project

Producer's Bio: Francisco Leroux Muñoz Francisco Leroux Muñoz has worked for 15 years as the Media Director of RESA S.A. de C.V., which is the company developing this project. He has worked for many different genres of media production in sectors ranging from construction and solid waste management to sport car races and education.

Second prize: Bongani Tulani

Title: CDM, making a difference in Cape Town

CDM Project: 0079: Kuyasa low-cost urban housing energy upgrade project, Khayelitsha (Cape Town; South Africa)

Producer’s Bio: Bongani Tulani is a 24-year-old film maker from Phillipi in Cape Town, South Africa. He produces short films and documentaries and constantly works at learning more. He currently interns at the Green Renaissance film production company, helping to edit environmental short films. His dream is to be a great producer, eventually touching down in Hollywood.

Third prize: Efai Rocha

Title: CDM: We are part of it!

CDM Project: Project 9226: Jirau Hydro Power Plant

Producer’s Bio: Efai Rocha is 16 years old and lives in Nova Mutum, the new urban district that was established when the Jirau hydropower project was implemented to provide a new home to the families that had to be relocated. Efai studies at the local Einstein college and participates in the social empowerment programme that was set up by the project developers of the Jirau hydropower plan. As part of this programme, he teaches young people journalism, communication and new media. He recently earned a scholarship that will allow him to explore his talents

Biographies of the judges | Best of Changing Lives 2013

Thank you to all photographers/digital video producers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants