UNFCCC/CDM International Video Contest 2012

Title: Coal mine methane and ventilation air methane projects

CDM Project : 1900 Duerping Coal Mine Methane Utilization

Producer's Bio: This video was produced by Richard McLaughlin from Digimac UK for Sindicatum Sustainable Resources. It was edited by Bobby Jimenez from Sindicatum Sustainable Resources. Digimac UK has over 20 years of experience in video production, filming and editing on a wide range of projects.

Description of Video: This video features the coal mine power generation project based in the Shanxi Province, China. The project produces up to 12MW clean energy from the use of methane drained from the Duerping coal mine. Methane that cannot be used is destroyed by flaring and in the winter waste heat is recovered from the engines for heating. Sindicatum's team works with the coal mine workers and provides ongoing advice on how to enhance safety, methane drainage capture, gas flow and quality from the underground longwalls. This has the dual benefit of raising safety standards in the underground environment, while increasing the opportunity for energy utilization.

Title: Newscrest Lihir Gold Operations – CDM project offers world-class career opportunities

CDM Project: 0279 Lihir Geothermal Power Project

Producer's Bio: The Newcrest Lihir Gold Operations manages the only registered CDM project in Papua New Guinea. The Newcrest's Media Resource Production and Training (MRPT) section is comprised of nine staff: David Haigh, superintendent; Esther Sibona, coordinator; Almanzo Matbob, audio visual; Anasthesia Angoro, Christopher Tabel and Elizabeth Tami, publications and translations; Berson Paulias, Sam Kopis and Joe Lupole, GIS and mapping. Together, under the direction of David Haigh, the team produced this video led by Esther Sibona and Almanzo Matbob.

Description of Video: Located in Lihir Island, this CDM project makes use of the waste steam from mining activities to generate clean energy. The geothermal power station offers world-class training and employment for all stakeholders. In this video, the Newcrest Geothermal engineer Patricia Illa'ava explains about the geothermal processes and their positive influence on the local community in front of students at the Lihir high school. She informs the students about career opportunities in geothermal engineering, and encourages them to take advantage of the Newcrest training and development possibilities through sponsorship programs and scholarships.

Thank you to all photographers/digital video producers who participated in the contest, and to all project participants