Post-registration change requests for prior approval – published

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ReferenceTitleCurrent StateLast update
PRC-5979-002 Methane recovery and combustion with renewable energy generation from anaerobic animal manure management systems under the Land Bank of the Philippines‘s (LBP) Carbon Finance Support Facility Summary note being prepared 10 Jul 2017
PRC-0207-001 Alto Alegre Bagasse Cogeneration Project (AABCP) Awaiting DOE clarifications 09 Nov 2012
PRC-6916-001 Domestic production and sales of enhanced energy-efficient refrigerators in India by LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd. Awaiting DOE clarifications 18 Jul 2017
PRC-4532-001 Biomass based power project of Rayapati Power Generation Private Limited Awaiting DOE clarifications 09 Jun 2015
PRC-9626-001 DelAgua Public Health Program in Eastern Africa Awaiting DOE clarifications 02 Jun 2015
PRC-8426-001 India Small Scale Solar PV Programme of Activities Awaiting DOE clarifications 17 Jul 2017
PRC-2285-001 Displacement of the electricity of the national electric grid by the auto-generation of renewable energy in the Cañaveralejo Wastewater Treatment Plant of EMCALI in Cali, Colombia Withdrawn
PRC-1254-003 The TIMARPUR-OKHLA Waste Management Company Pvt Ltd's (TOWMCL) intergrated waste to energy project in Delhi Awaiting EB decision 07 Jul 2017
PRC-10034-001 SHPS POÇO FUNDO AND PROVIDÊNCIA CDM PROJECT (JUN1133), BRAZIL Summary note being prepared 17 Jul 2017
PRC-7997-001 Improved Cook stoves Programme – India Summary note being prepared 12 Jul 2017
PRC-3125-001 Biogas Recovery at Ulu Kanchong Palm Oil Mill Awaiting DOE clarifications 13 Aug 2013