Requests for deviation

In accordance with the current Procedures for requests for deviation a Designated Operation Entity may submit request for deviation regarding a project activity at the validation or verification stage.

Requests for deviation by DOEs and the responses provided by the Board are being made publicly available on this page, unless otherwise decided. The requests for deviations from the monitoring plan have the following code "I-DEV0XXX" and the deviations from an approved methodology have the following code "M-DEV0XXX".

If you are a DOE, please log in if you wish to submit a new request.

There is 0 pending request for deviation
Deviation reference numberTitleSubmission DateStatusDate of Action
M-DEV-493 Deviation from the ACM0001 with regards to the individually monitoring of the LFG flow forwarded to equipment (flare and/or generator) used by the proposed CDM Project Activity 07/01/2016 Accepted 02/08/2016
M-DEV-0489 Deviation from approved methodology ACM 0012 version 04.0.0 08/05/2014 Not Accepted 27/07/2015
M-DEV-0491  New gas fired power plant at Ressano Garcia 13/04/2015  Accepted 23/06/2015
M-DEV-0488 Proposal of biomass and project scenario heat engines and boiler efficiencies for biomass power generation project 11/04/2014 Accepted 12/12/2014
M-DEV-0487 To allow fuel switching activities for all steam generation that is used thermally in processes, in which the amount of fuel consumed for this purpose can be calculated 13/05/2014 Not Accepted 19/09/2014
M-DEV-0485 Deviation for common steam header with pre-project systems 04/03/2014 Accepted 14/04/2014
M-DEV-0477 Deviation from equation 31 in ACM0012 version 4.0.0 to calculate fraction of energy produced by the project activity when the waste heat is recovered in an absorption heat pump system 07/09/2012 Accepted 21/11/2013
M-DEV-0483 Efficiency of subcritical power plants for baseline emission reduction calculations 05/03/2013 Not Accepted 19/11/2013
M-DEV-0480 Deviation in the selection of CO2 baseline emission factor 16/08/2013 Not Accepted 19/11/2013
M-DEV-0486 Approval for deviation of the requirement of conducting baseline survey "prior to" implementation of the project activity 30/4/2013 Accepted 19/11/2013
M-DEV-0485 Deviation for common steam header with pre-project systems 01/04/2013 Not Accepted 18/11/2013
M-DEV-0410 Request for deviation related to “combination of supply and demand side Energy Efficiency measures that cannot be separated technically and occur in an expanding capacity” 07/08/2013 Accepted 11/11/2013
M-DEV-0478 Deviation for determining the baseline efficiency of the heat generator 13/05/2013 Accepted 10/10/2013
M-DEV-0484 Request for deviation related to the non-availability of data needed to calculate the baseline emissions: lifetime of equipment (LTi,ini and LTavg), historic fuel consumption (Fi,j,bl) and power generation data (GENj,bl) 22/03/2013 Accepted 10/10/2013
M-DEV-0482 Deviation concerning the applicability of the methodology with regards to validation process for the 2nd Crediting Period 13/11/2012 Accepted 08/10/2013
M-DEV-0479 Deviation to the calculation of leakage from the increase in emissions from fossil fuel combustion or other sources due to diversion of biomass residues 05/11/2012 Not Accepted 13/06/2013
M-DEV-0481 Proposed method to account for cross-effects between water purifiers distributed under AMSIII.AV, and cook stoves distributed under AMS-II.G distributed in a PoA 07/12/2012 Accepted 09/04/2013