Renewal of crediting period cases

Undergoing completeness check (3)
Ref Name DOE
4803 Guangxi Nabi Hydropower Project CTCCCP
0238 Jilin Taobei Huaneng 49.3MW Wind Power Project CTI
0299 Guangdong Nan’ao Huaneng 45.05MW Wind Power Project CTI

Undergoing information and reporting check (8)
Ref Name DOE
4211 Manaus Landfill Gas Project RINA
2556 Bangna Starch Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Utilization Project RINA
3334 Biogas from Ethanol Wastewater for Electricity Generation RINA
0009 La Esperanza Hydroelectric Project ESPL
4714 Doc Cay Hydropower Project RWTUV
2210 Xiaba 20MW Hydro Power Project in Guizhou Province China. RWTUV
1314 Switching of fuel from coal to palm oil mill biomass waste residues at Industrial de Oleaginosas Americanas S.A. (INOLASA) RWTUV
0170 El Molle – Landfill gas (LFG) capture project ESPL

Published (7)
Ref Name DOE
4901 Sichuan Huadian Xixi River Hydro-electricity Development Co., Ltd. Diluo Hydroelectric Project CCCI_DOE
2376 Yunnan Tengchong Longchuan River Stage I Hydropower Plant, China CCSC_DOE
3541 Social Education and Development Society (SEDS) Biogas CDM project for the rural poor RWTUV
3347 Caruquia 9.76 MW Hydroelectric project EPIC_Sust
4985 Sarbari II Hydro Power Project by DSL Hydrowatt Limited in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh Applus
3399 CECIC HKE Zhangbei Lvnaobao Wind Power Project Applus
3164 Yunnan Baoshan Tenglongqiao Stage II Hydropower Plant, China CCSC_DOE

Review requested (1)
Ref Name DOE
1590 China Tongwan Hydropower Project CTCCCP

Rejected (0)
Ref Name DOE