Withdrawn Large-scale methodologies

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These methodologies are withdrawn by the CDM Executive Board and are currently not active. During the process of withdrawing these methodologies, they were replaced by other approved methodologies (e.g. approved consolidated methodologies).

Withdrawn large scale approved methodologies

31 methodologies.

Meth NumberFull View and HistoryReplaced byWithdrawn at
AM0002 Greenhouse gas emission reductions through landfill gas capture and flaring where the baseline is established by a public concession contract --- Version 3.0 ACM0001  EB 35
AM0003 Simplified financial analysis for landfill gas capture projects --- Version 4.0 ACM0001 EB 35
AM0004 Grid-connected biomass power generation that avoids uncontrolled burning of biomass --- Version 2.0 ACM0006 EB 22
AM0005 Small grid-connected zero-emissions renewable electricity generation --- Version 1.0 ACM0002 
EB 23
AM0006 GHG emission reductions from manure management systems --- Version 1.0  ACM0010  EB 26
AM0008 Industrial fuel switching from coal and petroleum fuels to natural gas without extension of capacity and lifetime of the facility --- Version 1.0 ACM0009  EB 24
AM0010 Landfill gas capture and electricity generation projects where landfill gas capture is not mandated by law --- Version 1.0 ACM0001 EB 35
AM0011  Landfill gas recovery with electricity generation and no capture or destruction of methane in the baseline scenario --- Version 3.0 ACM0001
EB 26
AM0012 Biomethanation of municipal solid waste in India, using compliance with MSW rules --- Version 1.0 AM0025
EB 36
AM0013 Avoided methane emissions from organic waste-water treatment --- Version 4.0 ACM0014  EB 36
AM0014 Fossil fuel based cogeneration for identified recipient facility(ies) --- Version 5.0 ACM0026 EB 87
AM0015 Bagasse-based cogeneration connected to an electricity grid --- Version 1.0 ACM0006  EB 22
AM0016 Greenhouse gas mitigation from improved animal waste management systems in confined animal feeding operations --- Version 3.0 ACM0010  EB 26
AM0022 Avoided Wastewater and On-site Energy Use Emissions in the Industrial Sector --- Version 4.0 ACM0014  EB 36
AM0024  Baseline methodology for greenhouse gas reductions through waste heat recovery and utilization for power generation at cement plants --- Version 2.1 ACM0012 EB 60
AM0025 Alternative waste treatment processes --- Version 14.0.0 ACM0022 EB 69
AM0029 Baseline Methodology for Grid Connected Electricity Generation Plants using Natural Gas --- Version 3.0 ACM0025 EB 83
AM0032 Methodology for waste gas or waste heat based cogeneration system --- Version 1.0 ACM0012 EB 32
AM0033 Use of non-carbonated calcium sources in the raw mix for cement processing --- Version 2.0 ACM0015 EB 36
AM0034 Catalytic reduction of N2O inside the ammonia burner of nitric acid plants --- Version 5.1.1 ACM0019 EB 73
AM0039 Methane emissions reduction from organic waste water and bioorganic solid waste using co-composting --- Version 2.0 ACM0022 EB 69
AM0040 Baseline and monitoring methodology for project activities using alternative raw materials that contain carbonates in clinker manufacturing in cement kilns --- Version 1.1 ACM0015 EB 36
AM0041 Mitigation of Methane Emissions in the Wood Carbonization Activity for Charcoal Production --- Version 1.0 ACM0021 EB 67
AM0042 Grid-connected electricity generation using biomass from newly developed dedicated plantations --- Version 2.1  ACM0018 EB 99
AM0047 Production of biodiesel based on waste oils and/or waste fats from biogenic origin for use as fuel --- Version 2.0 ACM0017 EB 50
AM0051 Secondary catalytic N2O destruction in nitric acid plants --- Version 2.0 ACM0019 EB 73
AM0054 Energy efficiency improvement of a boiler by introducing oil/water emulsion technology --- Version 2.0 ACM0023 EB 75
AM0085 Co-firing of biomass residues for electricity generation in grid connected power plants --- Version 1.0 ACM0020 EB 63
AM0087 Construction of a new natural gas power plant supplying electricity to the grid or a single consumer --- Version 2.0 ACM0025 EB 83
AM0102 Greenfield cogeneration facility supplying electricity and steam to a Greenfield Industrial Consumer and exporting excess electricity to a grid and/or project customer(s) --- Version 1.0.0 ACM0026 EB 87

 Withdrawn large scale consolidated methodologies

Meth NumberFull View and HistoryReplaced byWithdrawn at
ACM0004 Consolidated methodology for waste gas and/or heat for power generation --- Version 2.0 ACM0012 EB 32