ACM0022: Alternative waste treatment processes --- Version 2.0

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Title Alternative waste treatment processes (1936 KB)

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Version number
Scale Large scale --- Consolidated
Status Not Active (old version)
Validity Valid from 28 Nov 14 to 08 Sep 21
Sectoral scope(s) 1, 13
Sources Replaces: AM0025 , AM0039
Clarifications* Monitoring of FFCj and FCCj compared to AM0025 (submitted 26 May 15): AM_CLA_0269 (99 KB)
Clarification on co-gasifying a renewable energy crop with MSW (submitted 12 Jun 15): AM_CLA_0271 (98 KB)
Clarification on the monitoring requirements for a combination of alternative waste treatment options under ACM0022 (submitted 27 May 20): AM_CLA_0285 (85 KB)
Clarification request on the use of RDF in waste to energy project applying ACM0022 (submitted 08 Oct 20): AM_CLA_0287 (87 KB)
Clarification on the calculation of baseline and project emissions for waste-to-energy plants applying ACM0022 (submitted 15 Jul 21): AM_CLA_0291 (85 KB)
Previous Versions
Title Alternative waste treatment processes --- Version 1 (644 KB)
Version number 1.0.0
Validity Valid from 13 Sep 12 to 27 Nov 14
Requests for registration can be submitted until 25 Jul 2015 23:59:59 GMT
Sectoral scope(s) 1, 13
Clarifications* Clarification on applicable value of methane density and appropriateness of emission sources from soil application of waste by-products and storage of digestate (submitted 21 Apr 20): AM_CLA_0283 (115 KB)
Clarification on applicability of TDL for electricity generation under ACM0022 (submitted 07 May 20): AM_CLA_0284 (85 KB)
Revisions* The balance method for the measurement of FCCj (Fraction of total carbon content in waste type j) and FFCj (Fraction of fossil carbon in total content of waste type j) (submitted 10 Jul 14): AM_REV_0253 (105 KB)

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