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Institutional background

The Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol on its first session, held at Montreal from 28 November to 10 December 2005, established that the CDM Executive Board shall develop and maintain the CDM registry according to the requirements set out in Appendix D to the report (FCCC/KP/CMP/2005/8/Add.1).

These requirements specify that the CDM registry is to be in the form of a standardized electronic database that ensures the accurate accounting of the issuance, holding and acquisition of CERs. In order to do so, Appendix D to Decision 3/CMP.1 provides guidance on the different account types to be available in the CDM registry, provisions for unique serial numbers, conditions for the forwarding of CERs and publicly available information about the operation of the CDM registry.

This document also establishes that

The Executive Board shall establish and maintain a CDM registry to ensure the accurate accounting of the issuance, holding, transfer and acquisition of CERs by Parties not included in Annex I.

The Executive Board shall identify a registry administrator to maintain the registry under its authority.

(3/CMP.1, Annex, Appendix D, paragraph 1). The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism designated the UNFCCC Secretariat as the CDM registry administrator at its thirteenth meeting.

The Annual report (2003–2004) of the Executive Board of the clean development mechanism to the Conference of the Parties also states that the Board agreed that the secretariat is to be the CDM registry administrator with responsibility, under the authority of the Board, for implementing and operating the CDM registry (CP/2004/2/ paragraph 59).

Publicly available information can be found on the issuance of CERs section.

Information about the amount of CERs allocated to the Adaptation Fund account can be found here

The Executive Board provided further guidance for the work of the CDM registry at its subsequent meetings. The reports of each meeting containing the corresponding decisions can be found on the EB section .

Voluntary Cancellation of CERs:

Voluntary cancellation allows project participants who hold certified emission reductions (CERs) in the CDM registry to cancel them on their own behalf or on behalf of third parties. This gives them access to a broader source of demand for CERs in the voluntary market, while making a diverse portfolio of credits available to organizations and individuals wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

View details of voluntary cancellations in the CDM Registry, except those processed through the online platform.
For more information on how to voluntarily cancel CERs in the CDM Registry, click here

CDM Registry News - Operational

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  • 8 December 2020 - Accounts in the UK Kyoto National Registry as of 1 january 2021.

  • As of 1 January 2021, account holders of accounts in the UK Kyoto National Registry will no longer have access to these accounts, and transfers of CERs to the Kyoto National Registry of the UK will no longer be possible. The UK government is procuring a new system to enable account holders to hold and trade Certified Emission Reductions and Emission Reduction Units, which they expect to be operational in Spring 2021. More information is available here.
  • 1 July 2020 - Removal of the limit on the number of instalments for the partial payment of the Share of Proceeds.

  •  At its 106th meeting, the CDM Executive Board decided to remoge the limit on the number of installments of share of proceeds for CERs in the pending account of the CDM Registry. Further information on partial payment of the share of proceeds is available here.
  • 13 December 2017 - Share of proceeds for administration - amendments to the CDM project/PoA cycle procedures approved at EB96.

    • At its  ninety-sixth meeting (EB 96), the Executive Board of the clean development mechanism approved changes to the CDM project cycle procedures with respect to the SOP for administration. The changes include: