CERs available for voluntary cancellation

This page provides a list of CERs available for cancellation. Interested buyers should contact the project participants concerned directly to obtain further information.

Submit a new voluntary cancellation notice (you will need to create a 'My CDM' account).

More information on how to cancel CERs.

Project number Project name Project type Host country Quantity of CERs Indicative price per unit in USD Expiration date of offer Contact name Postal address Website Telephone
1483 Energeticos Jaremar – Biogas recovery from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) ponds, and heat & electricity generation, Honduras Biogas Honduras 125272 0.25 2017/09/05 Manuel Flores Energeticos Jaremar S.A. de C.V. Aldea San Alejo, Km15, Carretera Tela-El Progreso Atlántida, Honduras 31301 www.jaremar.com +50499147538