Expression of Interest for CERs

This page provides a list of Expression of Interest for CERs

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Project number Project name Project type Host country Quantity of CERs Indicative price per unit in USD Expiration date of offer Contact name Postal address Additional information Telephone
no project no project EE industry 500000 2.5 2023/12/31 Guillaume Picard Leeuwenveldseweg 5F 1382LV Weesp, Amsterdam, Netherlands ClearBlue is an award-winning company specializing in carbon pricing advisory, market analysis, transactions, and offset development +31683628009
no project no project Afforestation,Mixed renewables 4 15 2024/01/14 Sergio Queiros Rua Padre Lus Aparcio, n 10, 4, 1150 248 Lisboa Portugal Offset the emissions related with the production and printing of corporate magazine +351965570764
no project no project Afforestation,Agriculture,Biogas,Biomass energy,Cement,CO2 usage,Coal bed/mine methane,EE households,EE industry,EE own generation,EE service,EE supply side,Energy distribution,Fossil fuel switch,Fugitive,Geothermal,HFCs,Hydro,Landfill gas,Methane avoidance,Mixed renewables,N2O,PFCs and SF6,Reforestation,Solar,Tidal,Transport,Wind 9000 2024/03/03 Luiza Volschan Rua da Gloria 122 (21) 99649-4776
no project no project Hydro 1500000 +10 2024/04/27 Phan Quốc Cường Ta nh Bộ Cng thương số 655 Phạm Văn Đồng, Cổ Nhuế 1, Bắc Từ Lim, H Nội, Việt Nam 0913599499