Expression of Interest for CERs

This page provides a list of Expression of Interest for CERs

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Project number Project name Project type Host country Quantity of CERs Indicative price per unit in USD Expiration date of offer Contact name Postal address Additional information Telephone
no project no project Afforestation,Wind,Landfill gas,Methane avoidance,Mixed renewables,Agriculture,Transport,Biogas,Reforestation,Solar 1000000 2021/11/07 Katerina Kolaciova VERTIS ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE Csorsz utca 45 1124 Budapest Hungary +36703225162
no project no project Afforestation,EE households,EE industry,Mixed renewables,Reforestation,Solar,Tidal,Wind 353000 2021/11/08 Archie Lasseter Hutwood Court Bournemouth Road Eastleigh Hampshire United Kingdom SO53 3QB Utilita Energy is the 9th largest retailer of energy in the UK. We are on a pathway to become a net-zero carbon organisation by 2030. To do this we are looking to purchase enough CER to offset 353,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. These CER will be applied to the emissions resulting from the consumption of electricity our customers have used between April 1st 2020 and March 31st 2021. +447393236513
3152 4.85 MW Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC) PV Power Plants bundling Project Republic of Korea 1000 2021/11/09 Iain Porter Vaughan Chambers Vaughan Rd Harpenden AL5 4EE 07592643963
no project no project Wind,Hydro,Mixed renewables,Tidal,Solar 1000 2021/11/16 Inhabit Flat 5, 40 Dunford Road, Holloway, N76EL, UK 07900890316