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Project Title Entity Name Host Party Date Received
N20 abatement project from nitric acid production at MICCO ECOPRO Limited Company Viet Nam 11 Mar 2020
Nerado Fuel-switch Project to replace Heavy Fuel Oil in an Aluminium Dross Recycling Facility in Malaysia JTS Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (88682-X) Malaysia 10 Mar 2020
Windpark "La Colorada" UKA Parque Eolico La Colorada, S.A. Panama 06 Mar 2020
Qua Iboe Flare Gas Recovery Project Vitol S.A. Nigeria 28 Feb 2020
Multi-country Sustainable Waste Management Programme of Activities ALLCOT AG, BP Korea Argentina
Costa Rica
27 Feb 2020
Honawad wind farm in Karnataka Surya Energy Photo Voltaic India Private Limited India 20 Feb 2020
Upgrade Boiler Performance (Modify Superheater And Reheater Panels) Unit 6 at Paiton Power Plant PT Jawa Power Indonesia 18 Feb 2020
Installation of Solar PV Roof top system at Operator Housing Complex (OHC) PT Jawa Power Indonesia 18 Feb 2020
Capricornio PV Project Engie Energia Chile S.A. Chile 14 Feb 2020
Gangneung landfill Gas Recovery and Flaring Project LF CDM Co., Ltd Republic of Korea 14 Feb 2020
Low head Hydropower Development Project, Punjab Pakistan Punjab Power Development Company Limited (PPDCL) Pakistan 14 Feb 2020
Rooftop solar PV power project at manufacturing sites in Noida and Pune by LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd. LG Electronics India Private Limited India 10 Feb 2020
Kodeni Solar Kodeni Solar S.A.S.U. Burkina Faso 08 Feb 2020
Walo Storage Walo Storage S.A.S.U. Senegal 08 Feb 2020
Multi-country Renewable Energy Programme of Activities ALLCOT AG Argentina
03 Feb 2020
Sol de Septiembre PV CDM Project DE Energia SpA, Daelim Energy Chile 30 Jan 2020
250 MW Solar Power project at Kadapa by SB Energy SB Energy Seven Private Limited India 22 Jan 2020
330 MW Solar Power project in Rajasthan by SB Energy SBE Renewables Sixteen Pvt Ltd India 22 Jan 2020
250 MW Solar PV Plant at Bhainsada, Rajasthan Clean Solar Power (Bhainsada) Private Limited India 20 Jan 2020
300 MW Wind Power Project by SITAC Kabini in Gujarat Sitac Kabini Renewables Private Limited India 15 Jan 2020