Conflict of Interest (EB92)
Discussion item\Member
Amjad Abdulla
Arthur Rolle
Balisi Gopolang
Daegyun Oh
Diana Harutyunyan
Eduardo Calvo
Frank Wolke
Gerald Lindo
Joseph Amougou
Josť Domingos Gonzalez Miguez
Kazunari Kainou
Lambert Schneider
Maosheng Duan
Martin Enderlin
Moises Alvarez
Muhammad Tariq
Natalie Kushko
Olivier Kassi
Piotr Dombrowicki
Washington Zhakata
Agenda item 3.1.: Accreditation cases

E-0054 re-consult Ltd. (Re-consult)                                


E-0022 TÜV NORD CERT GmbH (TÜV NORD)                                
(Regular surveillance)


E-0023 Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (LRQA)                                
(Regular surveillance)


E-0037 RINA Services S.p.A. (RINA)                                
(Regular surveillance)


E-0039 Korean Standards Association (KSA)                                
(Regular surveillance)


E-0021 Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR)                                
(Performance assessment)


E-0024 Colombian Institute for Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC)                                
(Performance assessment)


E-0041 Japan Management Association (JMA)                                
(Partial withdrawal)


E-0066 Earthood Services Private Limited (Earthood)                                
(Partial withdrawal)

Registration - Request for review case
10258 Clinker Optimization in cement types production at Derba MIDROC cement plant
Host Party: Ethiopia
Other parties: n/a
Project Participants: Derba MIDROC Cement PLC; Ethan Bio-Fuels PLC
Agenda item 4.1.(b): Methodology cases - Large-Scale (MP meetings page:

AM00XX: Introduction of a new district cooling system
Host Party: United Arab Emirates
Other Parties: N/A
Project participant(s)/proponent(s)/other stakeholder(s): Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE)


AM00XX: Introduction of low resistivity power transmission line
Host Party: People’s Republic of China
Other Parties: N/A
Project participant(s)/proponent(s)/other stakeholder(s): Jiangsu Electric Power Company; Shanghai Zhixin Carbon Asset Management Co., Ltd.; SinoCarbon Innovation and Investment Co. Ltd.


CLA_TOOL_0025 Clarification request for use of First order Decay model for monthly emission calculation as per "Tool to determine methane emissions avoided from dumping waste at a solid waste disposal site" (Annex 14 EB 26)
Host Party: N/A
Other Parties: N/A
Project participant(s): Neelesh Gupta

Any other item on the agenda of EB 92

In case of a real or perceived conflict of interest relating to any other item on the agenda of EB 92, please indicate this here and add the specific agenda item in the comments box.


  • grey cell - member not present at the meeting
  • * - member has made the conflict of interest declaration to the UNFCCC secretariat
  • X - member declared a conflict of interest
  • number - member made a special statement with regard to conflict of interest (see below)