RINA Services S.p.A.
Title E-0037. RINA Services S.p.A.
Status Designated Operational Entity
Scope of accreditation
  • Validation in 1-7, 9-11, 13-15 until 20.11.2027
  • Verification in 1-7, 9-11, 13-15 until 20.11.2027
Declared office(s)

Central Office of the AE/DOE - postal

Address: Via Corsica 12
Postal code: 16128
City: Genova
Country: Italy

Other office(s) of the AE/DOE - postal

Address: RINA Brasil
Av. Jandira, 257 Sales 9 e 10 Moema,
Postal code: 04080-001
City: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Address: RINA India
B 607, Everest chambers, Andheri Kurla Road
Postal code: 400069
City: Mumbai
Country: India
Address: RINA China
20th Floor, Metrobank Plaza,
No. 1160, Yan An Road West
Postal code: 200052
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Declaration of other offices (CDM-DOO-FORM): E-0037-RINA_CDM-DOO-Form-2024.pdf (167 KB) 15.05.2024 08:55:38
Contact persons Engineer E-0037 RINA official account
Tel: 00390-10-5385306
Fax: 00390-10-5385361
Mobile: 0039-3356997717
E-mail: laura.marti@rina.org, giovanni.dangelo@rina.org, ghg.services@rina.org

Ms. Laura Severino
Tel: 00390-10-5385509
Fax: 00390-10-5351113; 00390-10-5385361
Mobile: 0039-335-7520223
E-mail: Laura.Severino@rina.org
Re-accreditation: 20 Jul 2012
Re-accreditation: 13 Jul 2017
Re-accreditation: 08 Sep 2022
Note: As per the CDM Accreditation procedure, a DOE that wishes to be re-accredited after the expiry of the current accreditation term shall apply for re-accreditation between 10 and 12 months before the expiry of the current accreditation term.
Note: The information included in the “Declared office(s)” above is maintained by the DOE.
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