DNA Communicators of the Year Showcase 2012


The DNA Communicators of the Year Showcase was launched in 2010 to share and recognize the work done by Designated National Authorities to promote the clean development mechanism (CDM) in their countries.

In 2012, DNAs were asked to create a communications plan promoting programmes of activities (PoAs) in their countries. Much focus has been placed on PoAs because of their potential to help spread the benefits of the CDM to under-represented areas by making smaller projects more viable. The winning entries are listed below.

2012 DNA Communicators of the Year Showcase
2012 Showcase photos

2012 winning entries:

2011 DNA winners R.S.A South Africa

South Africa's entry took top marks from the judges. In addition to their communication plan, they also submitted a brochure they developed on PoA (shown) and examples of meetings they held to promote the activity to local industries.

DNA winners Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire created a brochure in English and French giving general information about PoA in the country with examples. Their communication plan was also highly praised.

2012 DNA winners Senegal Senegal

Senegal's communication plan (in both English and French) included a detailed list of sectors they would target for PoA as well as an grid for planned activities. The judges called it thorough.

2012 DNA winners Spain Spain

As the winner of the Annex 1 DNA group, Spain's plan focused on how it communicates about PoA to countries and regions where it has an interest. The plan also included links to their website, where PoA information is housed, and examples of meetings they've held on the subject.

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