DNA Communicators of the Year Showcase

2011 DNA Showcase of the Year Winners
2011 Showcase photos

2011 DNA winners Spain Spain

Spain’s entry drew top marks. The leaflet was created as a fundamental part of its communication mission to raise awareness of the benefits of the CDM. The judges remarked on the attractive design and good integration of pictures, graphs, maps, text and photos.

2011 DNA winners Saudi Arabia Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s entry drew praise for its complete strategy, design and reflection, which discussed the results of their communication campaign and effective ways to incorporate what was learned. The DNA developed this flyer as an awareness tool, recognising most of their audience knew very little about the CDM.

2011 DNA winners Cote d Ivoire Côte d’Ivoire

The Côte d’Ivoire flyer features a “Clip the Coupon” section, which can be detached and returned for more information. The DNA selected this method to boost interest in developing CDM projects in the country. Judges liked the innovative format as well as the readability and colours of the design.

2011 DNA winners Colombia Colombia

Colombia’s main objective with this flyer is to inform the public and project developers about the CDM, while highlighting the institutional organisations that exist in the country to support it. Judges remarked on the readability of the flyer.