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16 Standardized Baselines

Approved Standardized Baselines                                           

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ReferenceSectorApplicable countries/RegionValidityFull View and History
ASB0008-2020 Rice cultivation The Republic of the Philippines 19 Feb 2025 Methane Emissions from Rice Cultivation in the Republic of the Philippines (version 01.0)
ASB0011-2018 Waste The Dominican Republic 01 Apr 2021 Landfill gas capture and flaring in the Dominican Republic (version 01.0)
ASB0034  Power West African Power Pool (WAPP) comprising of the following countries:
Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Togo
26 Feb 2021 Grid emission factor for West African Power Pool (version 01.0)
ASB0038-2018 Power Republic of Armenia 18 Feb 2021 Grid emission factor for the electricity system of the Republic of Armenia for 2016 (version 01.0)
ASB0039-2018 Power Mongolia 16 Jul 2021 Grid emission factor for Mongolia's national electricity grid (version 01.0)
ASB0040-2018 Power Southern African Region comprising of the following countries:        The Republic of Botswana; The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC); The Kingdom of Lesotho; The Republic of Mozambique;The Republic of Namibia; The Republic of South Africa; The Kingdom of Swaziland; The Republic of Zambia; The Republic of Zimbabwe 06 Oct 2021 Grid emission factor for the Southern African power pool (version 01.0)
ASB0041-2018 Charcoal production Rwanda 19 Dec 2021 Fuel switch, technology switch and methane destruction in the charcoal sector of Rwanda (version 01.0)
ASB0042-2019 Power Honduras 21 May 2022 Honduran Grid Emission Factor (version 01.0)
ASB0043-2019 Power Jamaica 11 Sep 2022 Jamaica Grid Emission Factor (version 01.0)
ASB0044-2019 Cookstoves Ethiopia 21 Sep 2022 Improved Institutional Cookstoves in Ethiopia (version 01.0)
ASB0045-2019 Power Guyana 01 Dec 2022 Grid emission factor of Guyana (version 01.0)
ASB0046-2019 Power Mauritius 08 Dec 2022 Mauritius Grid Emission Factor (version 01.0)
ASB0047-2020 Power The Dominican Republic 02 Feb 2023 Grid emission factor for the Dominican Republic (version 01.0)
ASB0048-2020 Building Republic of Korea 10 Aug 2023 Specific CO2 emissions in Residential Buildings in Republic of Korea (version 01.0)
ASB0049-2020  Cookstoves Republic of the Union of Myanmar 22 Dec 2025 Fraction of non-renewable biomass in Myanmar (version 01.0)
ASB0050-2020  Power Republic of Kenya 28 Dec 2023 Grid Emission Factor for the Republic of Kenya (version 01.0)