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18 Standardized Baselines

Approved Standardized Baselines                                           

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ReferenceSectorApplicable countries/RegionValidityFull View and History
ASB0005-2021  Power  Belize 23 Aug 2024 Grid emission factor for the Belize national power grid (version 01.0)
ASB0008-2020 Rice cultivation The Republic of the Philippines 19 Feb 2025 Methane Emissions from Rice Cultivation in the Republic of the Philippines (version 01.0)
ASB0011-2021 Waste The Dominican Republic 22 Mar 2024 Landfill gas capture and flaring in the Dominican Republic (version 01.0)
ASB0034-2021 Power West African Power Pool (WAPP) comprising of the following countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Republic of Togo 25 Feb 2024 Grid emission factor for West African Power Pool (version 01.0)
ASB0038-2021 Power Republic of Armenia 18 Feb 2024 Grid emission factor for the electricity system of the Republic of Armenia (version 01.0)
ASB0040-2018 Power Southern African Region comprising of the following countries:        The Republic of Botswana; The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC); The Kingdom of Lesotho; The Republic of Mozambique;The Republic of Namibia; The Republic of South Africa; The Kingdom of Swaziland; The Republic of Zambia; The Republic of Zimbabwe 06 Oct 2021 Grid emission factor for the Southern African power pool (version 01.0)
ASB0041-2018 Charcoal production Rwanda 19 Dec 2021 Fuel switch, technology switch and methane destruction in the charcoal sector of Rwanda (version 01.0)
ASB0042-2019 Power Honduras 21 May 2022 Honduran Grid Emission Factor (version 01.0)
ASB0043-2019 Power Jamaica 11 Sep 2022 Jamaica Grid Emission Factor (version 01.0)
ASB0044-2019 Cookstoves Ethiopia 21 Sep 2022 Improved Institutional Cookstoves in Ethiopia (version 01.0)
ASB0045-2019 Power Guyana 01 Dec 2022 Grid emission factor of Guyana (version 01.0)
ASB0046-2019 Power Mauritius 08 Dec 2022 Mauritius Grid Emission Factor (version 01.0)
ASB0047-2020 Power The Dominican Republic 02 Feb 2023 Grid emission factor for the Dominican Republic (version 01.0)
ASB0048-2020 Building Republic of Korea 10 Aug 2023 Specific CO2 emissions in Residential Buildings in Republic of Korea (version 01.0)
ASB0049-2020 Cookstoves Republic of the Union of Myanmar 22 Dec 2025 Fraction of non-renewable biomass in Myanmar (version 01.0)
ASB0050-2020 Power Republic of Kenya 28 Dec 2023 Grid Emission Factor for the Republic of Kenya (version 01.0)
ASB0051-2021 Power Antigua and Barbuda 25 Mar 2024 Grid Emission Factor for Antigua and Barbuda (version 01.0)
ASB0052-2021  Power Cape Verde 15 Apr 2024 Grid emission factor for Cape Verde (version 01.0)