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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
NM0295 Installation of an energy-saving ironmaking plant in the northern part of Vietnam Submission not approved 29 Mar 10
NM0294 Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by in-situ aeration of landfills Submission approved 22 Jul 09
NM0293 Mitigation of Methane Emissions in the Charcoal Production of Arcelor Mittal, Brazil Submission not approved 07 Dec 09
NM0292 Highly efficient power plant fuelled with blast furnace gas at TKCSA, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Submission approved 30 Sep 11
NM0291 Carbon Dioxide Recovery project at Nagarjuna Fertiliser and Chemicals Limited, India Submission not approved 18 Feb 09
NM0290 Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from landfill sites improved to be in semi-aerobic conditions Submission not approved 26 Mar 09
NM0289 PFC gas emission reduction by gas replacement for CVD cleaning at 200mm (8 inches) process by Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Submission not approved 18 Feb 09
NM0288 Installation of Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) systems in commercial buildings of DLF Building - 10, Gurgaon, India Submission approved 07 Dec 09
NM0287 Methodology for Increasing Rail Based Mass Rapid Transit Ridership Submission not approved 18 Feb 09
NM0286 LNG Terminal for natural gas supply and electric generation in the SING (Great North Interconnected System) trough a 780 MW combined cycle station in Gas Atacama. Submission not approved 01 Jun 09
NM0285 Expansion of Natural gas based Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) production unit at Dolvi plant of ISPAT Group Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0284 N2O abatement in New Capacity nitric acid plants Submission not approved 01 Jun 09
NM0283 Greenhouse Gas emission Reduction through Landfill Excavation and Treatment of the Waste Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0282 Usipar Pulverized Charcoal Injection Project Submission not approved 02 Aug 10
NM0281 Klabin Monte Alegre Paper Plant in Telemaco Borba (Parana, Brazil) Fuel Switch from Residual Fuel Oil to Biomass Residues CDM Project Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0280 Installation of zero energy water purifier in India Submission approved 29 Mar 10
NM0279 Nanchang TOD Project, China Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0278 Use of Charcoal from Renewable Biomass Plantations as Reducing Agent in Pig Iron Mill in Brazil Submission approved 22 Jul 09
NM0277 Recovery and Use of Gas from Oil Wells – Reduction of Gas Flaring by the Compression of Low Pressure Gas for Productive Use at the Libwa, Tshiala and GCO Offshore Oil Fields, Democratic Republic of Congo Submission not approved 18 Feb 09
NM0276 Hot rolled steel coils transportation through ocean barges at ArcelorMittal Tubarão Submission not approved 29 Sep 08