Pending proposed new large scale methodologies
There are 4 pending proposed new methodologies in this category

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Reference Proposed New Methodologies Current Status Last update
NM0380 Recovery of methane-rich vapours from hydrocarbon storage tanks, separators or stabilization containers Closed for public comments 05 Jun 20
NM0379 Emission reduction from partial switching raw materials and increasing the share of additives in the blended cement production Work in Progress (Meth Panel 81) 20 Feb 20
NM0378 Use of renewable sources of carbon instead of fossil sources in the production of thermoplastic resins and its components Meth Panel recommendation issued (C) 18 Mar 20
NM0377 Energy saving through the use of the reverse osmosis technology in the water desalination process Work in Progress (Meth Panel 81) 20 Feb 20
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