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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
NM0363 Energy efficiency improvement through on-line fire side cleaning technology applied to fossil fuel fired steam boilers in existing energy and other industries Submission approved 09 Oct 13
NM0362 Greenhouse gas emission reduction through the introduction of hot supply of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) in Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) Submission approved 17 Sep 12
NM0361 Abatement of fluorinated compounds (FCs) from semiconductor manufacturing at UMC Singapore Branch. Submission approved 28 Nov 12
NM0360 Use of lower energy-intensive intermodal transportation method to transport freight (use of pipeline rather than over-the-road truck) Submission approved 27 Nov 12
NM0359 New grid connected coal fired cogeneration power plants using a less GHG intensive technology Submission not approved 04 Jun 13
NM0358 Interconnection between electricity systems for international energy exchange Submission approved 17 Sep 12
NM0357 Methodology for Rail Projects Submission not approved 28 Nov 12
NM0356 New natural gas based combined heat and power plant Submission approved 24 Jul 12
NM0355 N2O abatement from adipic acid production Not to be considered on request of the EB (see para 83 of the EB 65 Meeting report for details) 25 Nov 11
NM0354 Energy efficiency improvements of a lime production facility through installation of new kilns Submission approved 24 Jul 12
NM0353 Grid connection of isolated electricity systems in countries with merit order dispatch Submission approved 14 May 12
NM0352 New cogeneration facilities supplying electricity and steam to a Greenfield Industrial Consumer with Excess Power Generated exported to a Grid and/or other Dedicated Consumer(s) Submission approved 05 Mar 12
NM0351 High Speed Passenger Rail Systems Submission approved 05 Mar 12
NM0350 Improving Energy Efficiency in Data Centers through Dynamic Power Management Submission approved 24 Jul 12
NM0349 Avoidance of N2O formation by switching over to the catalytic oxidation with oxygen from oxidation with nitric acid in manufacturing of substituted benzoic acids at GIDC, Ankleshwar, India Submission not approved 06 Oct 11
NM0348 Standardized N2O baselines for new nitric acid plants Withdrawn 08 Jul 11
NM0347 Biomass residue co-firing at an existing or a new boiler(s) Submission approved 04 Oct 11
NM0346 Utilization of ammonia-plant off gas for heat generation Submission approved 30 Sep 11
NM0345 Methodology for conversion of a Combined Cycle Power Plant to an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) Submission approved 28 Nov 11
NM0344 Introduction of a New Natural Gas Based Gas Turbine Cogeneration in Existing CHP Facilities Connected to the Electricity Grid Submission approved 28 Nov 11