Project 8656 : Xinjiang Hami Southeast Wind Zone 2000MW Wind Farm Kushui First Wind Power Project
Project title Xinjiang Hami Southeast Wind Zone 2000MW Wind Farm Kushui First Wind Power Project
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Appendix 1 - ER and EF Calculation spreadsheet Kushui first.xls.xls (101 KB)
Appendix 2 - IRR of Kushui First Wind Power Project-version 02_2012.11.22_clean.xls.xls.xls (176 KB)

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SDC description report Not Available. Please refer to our Further Information on SD-Tool
Host Parties China , involved directly approval (679 KB) authorization (679 KB)
Authorized Participants: Datang Xinjiang Energy Development Co., Ltd. ; Department of Climate Change, National Development and Reform Commission
Other Parties Involved n/a
Sectoral scopes 1 : Energy industries (renewable - / non-renewable sources)
Activity Scale LARGE
Methodologies Used ACM0002 ver. 13 - Consolidated baseline methodology for grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources
Standardized baselines used N/A
Amount of Reductions 398,812 metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum
Fee level USD 78262.4
Validation Report VVS/VVM version: VVS 3.0
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Modalities of Communication valid as of 27/06/2013
MoC Annex 2 (Change/update authorized signatory, name or contact details) valid as of 19/02/2024
Registration Date 20 Dec 12 (Date of registration action 27 Feb 13)   (view history)   completeness check: complete info & rep check: concluded
Crediting Period 01 Jan 14 - 31 Dec 20 (Renewable)

Subsequent crediting period(s): 01 Jan 21 - 31 Dec 27 (rejected)
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