Project: 3011 Hunan Lengshuijiang Langshitan 36MW Hydropower Project - Issuance Request
Project 3011: Hunan Lengshuijiang Langshitan 36MW Hydropower Project
ISSUANCE STATUS Issued (on 04 Dec 12)   completeness check: complete | info & rep check: concluded
Monitoring period 01 Jan 12 - 30 Jun 12
Monitoring report Monitoring report (202 KB)
Requests for post-registration changes submitted with the issuance request PRC-3011-001
Request for issuance Signed form (120 KB)
Amount of CERs CERs issued up to 31 December 2012: 82,959
Serial Range: Block start: CN-5-668195258-1-1-0-3011     Block end: CN-5-668278216-1-1-0-3011
Verification and certification reports VVS/VVM version: VVS 2.0
Certification report (19 KB)
Verification report (293 KB)
Additional documents ER calculation_Langshitan_Ref.3011-3.xls (45 KB)
Revised Monitoring Report_Langshitan_Ref.3011-3.pdf (183 KB)