Conflict of Interest (EB104)
Discussion item\Member
Amjad Abdulla
Anna Romanovskaya
Benjamin Karmorh Jr.
Diana Harutyunyan
Eduardo Calvo
El Hadji Mbaye Diagne
Frank Wolke
Josť Domingos Gonzalez Miguez *
Kazunari Kainou
Lambert Schneider
Maosheng Duan
Moises Alvarez
Muhammad Tariq
Natalie Kushko
Olivier Kassi
Omar Alcock
Piotr Dombrowicki
Rachid Tahiri
Sirous Vatankhah
Spencer Thomas
Agenda item 3.3.: Issuance - Request for review cases

PoA 9981 Domestic Cooking Stoves substitution programme in Mozambique 
Host Party: Mozambique
Other Parties: Italy; Sweden
Project Participants: Fondazione AVSI; CarbonSinkGroup S.r.l.; Cloros S.r.l.; Nordic Environment Finance Corporation                                              
DOE: E-0062 EPIC Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd. (EPIC) 

Agenda item 4.1.: Methodology case

SSC-III.XX: Trip avoidance through equipment improvement of freight transport (based on SSC-NM103: Trip avoidance through equipment improvement of cargo transport)
Host Party: Colombia
Other Parties: n/a
Private and/or public entity(ies)/Project Participants: Bavaria S.A; CAIA Ingeniería SAS; Atmosphere Alternative SAS


  • grey cell - member not present at the meeting
  • * - member has made the conflict of interest declaration to the UNFCCC secretariat
  • X - member declared a conflict of interest
  • number - member made a special statement with regard to conflict of interest (see below)