EPIC Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd.
Title E-0062. EPIC Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd.
Status Designated Operational Entity
Scope of accreditation Validation: 1-11, 13-15
Verification: 1-11, 13-15
Declared office(s)
Address: 41 Anugraha First Cross Road
Sundar Nagar
Near BEL Circle
Postal code: 560054
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Declaration of other offices (CDM-DOO-FORM): E-0062_CDM-DOO-FORM_EPIC 2016.pdf (244 KB) 03.11.2016 17:38:21
Contact persons Mr.K.Sudheendra (Director & Head of Operations)
Tel: +91-9482759072, +91-9590929935
E-mail: sudheendra@epicsustainability.com, epicsustainability@gmail.com
URL http://www.epicsustainability.com/
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