Conflict of Interest (EB96)
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Amjad Abdulla
Arthur Rolle
Balisi Gopolang
Daegyun Oh
Diana Harutyunyan
Eduardo Calvo
El Hadji Mbaye DIAGNE
Frank Wolke
Gerald Lindo
Josť Domingos Gonzalez Miguez *
Kazunari Kainou
Lambert Schneider
Maosheng Duan
Martin Enderlin
Moises Alvarez
Muhammad Tariq
Natalie Kushko
Olivier Kassi
Piotr Dombrowicki
Washington Zhakata
Agenda item 3.1.: Accreditation cases

E-0009 Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS (BVCH)                               
(Transfer of accreditation)

Agenda item 3.3.: Issuance

PoA 5962 International water purification programme              
Host Parties: Ethiopia; El Salvador; Chile; Egypt; Kenya; Gambia; Madagascar; Nicaragua; Mexico; South Africa; Uganda; Viet Nam; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Cambodia; Malawi
Other parties: Switzerland
Project Participants: Pure Water Ltd.; Swiss Carbon Assets Ltd.; Climate Cent Foundation

Agenda item 3.4.: Other rulings

PoA 9981 Domestic Cooking Stoves substitution programme in Mozambique              
Host Party: Mozambique
Other parties: Sweden;  Italy
Project Participants:Fondazione AVSI; CarbonSinkGroup S.r.l.; Cloros S.r.l.; Nordic Environment Finance Corporation
DOE: E-0037 RINA Services S.p.A. (RINA)

Agenda item 4.1.(c): Methodology cases - Small-scale (SSC WG meetings page:

SSC_729 Request for revision to the classification criteria of geographic locations as SUZs so as to qualify for automatic additionality - Revision of methodological tool “Demonstration of additionality of microscale project activities” (TOOL19);
Host Party: N/A
Other Parties: N/A
Private and/or public entity(ies)/Project Participants: Promethium Carbon

Any other item on the agenda of EB 96

In case of a real or perceived conflict of interest relating to any other item on the agenda of EB 96, please indicate this here and add the specific agenda item in the comments box.


  • grey cell - member not present at the meeting
  • * - member has made the conflict of interest declaration to the UNFCCC secretariat
  • X - member declared a conflict of interest
  • number - member made a special statement with regard to conflict of interest (see below)
Special statements:

1. Frank Wolke: Although Germany is involved in this project there is no financial or other relevant conflict of interest with regard to this issue. However I will not participate in the discussion thereon.