Regular reports to the CDM EB

The Board considers reports on a regular basis that provide information on progress made in specific areas. These reports are considered in between meetings.

The Board, through its 2016 workplan, agreed on the areas indicated below, for regular reporting.

Year: 2016

Financial resources - Quarterly

Q1 - Financial report (348 KB)

Q2 - CDM MAP Mid-year review

Q3 - Financial report (410 KB)

Q4 - Financial report (314 KB)

Regional collaboration centres (RCCs) - Bi-annual

 Reporting twice a year

 Regional Collaboration Centre report (Jan-May 2016) (187 KB)

Regional Collaboration Center report (Jun-Dec 2016)

Key performance indicators - Annual

 Reporting once a year

CDM MAP Mid-year review

Synthesis report of the annual activity reports by DOEs -Annual

 Reporting once a year

Synthesis report of the annual activity of the DOE report  (790 KB)