EB107 broadcast

107th meeting of the CDM Executive Board

Dates:  21-23 September, 30 September to 2 October and 5 October 2020

Venue: Virtual meeting

Click here for the EB 107 annotated agenda and all corresponding documents to be discussed during this meeting.

On-demand broadcast (Available on 21 September 2020)

Meeting dates and broadcast*

Phase 1 of meetingPhase 2 of meeting
21 September 2020
30 September 2020
22 September 2020
*Meeting held in a closed session
1 October 2020
*Meeting held in a closed session
23 September 2020
*Meeting held in a closed session
2 October 2020
  5 October 2020

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AGENDA ITEM 1. Agenda and meeting organization

Agenda item 1.1. Opening

Agenda item 1.2. Adoption of the agenda

AGENDA ITEM 2. Governance and management matters

Agenda item 2.1. Membership issues

Agenda item 2.2.  Strategic planning and direction

Agenda item 2.3. Performance management

Agenda item 2.4. Matters related to the Board and its support structure

Agenda item 2.5. Operations of panels and working groups

(a) CDM Accreditation Panel

(b) Methodologies Panel

AGENDA ITEM 3. Rulings

Agenda item 3.1. Accreditation

Agenda item 3.2. Registration

Agenda item 3.3. Issuance

Agenda item 3.4. Other rulings

AGENDA ITEM 4. Regulatory matters

Agenda item 4.1. Standards/tools

b). Methodological standards for large-scale CDM project activities

NM0378: Use of renewable sources of carbon instead of fossil sources in the production of thermoplastic resins and its components

AM00XX: Emission reduction from partial switching of raw materials and increasing the share of additives in the production of blended cement

AM0027: Substitution of CO2 from fossil or mineral origin by CO2 from renewable sources in the production of inorganic compounds

ACM0022: Alternative waste treatment processes

 Agenda item 4.2. Procedures

Agenda item 4.3. Policy issues

AGENDA ITEM 5. Relations with forums and other stakeholders

Interaction with the DOE/AIE Coordination Forum Chair

-  Interaction with registered observer

AGENDA ITEM 6. Other matters

AGENDA ITEM 7. Conclusion of the meeting