DNA Help Desk


The DNA Help Desk was created to provide targeted Designated National Authorities (DNAs) with advice, support and assistance with the submission of: 

  • proposals for standardized baselines
  • recommendations of microscale renewable energy technologies for automatic additionality
  • grid emission factors

Targeted DNAs are from Least Developed Countries (LDCs), Small Island Developing States (SIDS), African countries, or Parties with less than 10 registered projects as of 31 December 2010. It is possible for project participants and designated operational entities (DOEs) to liaise with a DNA to submit a request on their behalf.

The operation of the DNA Help Desk will be regularly reviewed and improved to develop related activities such as training events and workshops.

Instructions on how to use the DNA Help Desk

 1. Complete CDM-COM-FORM available here and email with any supporting files to: cdm-info@unfccc.int.

2. Once the form is received, the secretariat will confirm that the form is submitted by a targeted DNA and then if necessary, the submitter may be contacted to further clarify the request.

A confirmation of your request will be made within three working days of submission. Simple requests, such as a clarification on the regulatory framework, will be responded to within two weeks. More detailed requests, such as those involving case specific data, will be responded to within a request-specific timeline.

We kindly request that each DNA makes only one request at a time.

Previous Requests

A similar request to yours may have already been submitted. We encourage you to check these previous requests and/or the CDM Frequently Asked Questions page: