Finalized proposed new large scale methodologies

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Reference Proposed New Methodology Current Status Last update
NM0280 Installation of zero energy water purifier in India Submission approved 29 Mar 10
NM0279 Nanchang TOD Project, China Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0278 Use of Charcoal from Renewable Biomass Plantations as Reducing Agent in Pig Iron Mill in Brazil Submission approved 22 Jul 09
NM0277 Recovery and Use of Gas from Oil Wells – Reduction of Gas Flaring by the Compression of Low Pressure Gas for Productive Use at the Libwa, Tshiala and GCO Offshore Oil Fields, Democratic Republic of Congo Submission not approved 18 Feb 09
NM0276 Hot rolled steel coils transportation through ocean barges at ArcelorMittal Tubarão Submission not approved 29 Sep 08
NM0275 Methodology for the production of a cement extender from slag and/or the increase in energy efficiency in the production of base metal alloys through the recovery of metal from the slag, as well as the increasing blend in cement Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0274 Installation of Natural gas based building combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) systems in commercial buildings of DLF in India. Submission not approved 29 Sep 08
NM0273 Baseline and monitoring methodology for Coal-oxygen smelting reduction iron-making technology with lumping ore pre-reduction Submission not approved 01 Dec 08
NM0272 Second Interconnection Colombia - Ecuador 230 kV Submission not approved 21 Oct 09
NM0271 Point of Use Abatement Device to Reduce SF6 emissions in LCD Manufacturing Operations in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) Submission approved 17 Feb 09
NM0270 Grid connected combined cycle power plant project in Qadirpur utilizing permeate gas, previously flared Submission approved 01 Dec 08
NM0269 Cambodia – Rural Electrification and Transmission Project (RETP) – 220 kV Interconnection between Cambodia and Vietnam. Submission not approved 21 Oct 09
NM0268 Titis Sampurna Semanggi Compressed Natural Gas Project Submission approved 17 Feb 09
NM0267 Shuixi Gou Coal Field Fire Extinguishing Project Submission not approved 22 Jul 09
NM0266 Mumbai Metro One, India Submission approved 25 Nov 09
NM0265 Reduction of flaring of COG through conversion into dimethyl ether to be used as fuel in Shanxi, China. Submission approved 01 Jun 09
NM0264 Caracol Knits Trigeneration Project Submission approved 17 Feb 09
NM0263 Method for Solar Water Heaters for hot water applications Submission not approved 29 Sep 08
NM0262 Biogenic methane use as Town Gas Factory feedstock and methane emission reduction of flare efficiency Submission approved 05 Aug 08
NM0261 Baoding Geothermal Space Heating Project Submission approved 01 Oct 08