CDM Radio Club for Africa


The radio club aims to spread the word about the CDM in Africa and extend the benefits of the mechanism to communities that have not yet benefited from the CDM.

CLICK HERE for the terms and conditions for journalists and radio stations and other important information on the Radio Club for Africa.

Radio journalists will be given the chance to promote their work and enter a contest to win various prizes, including a possible free trip to the UN climate change conference. Radio stations can select from a wide variety of broadcast-ready radio packages distributed for free.

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Radio Story Library

Deforestation in Uganda by Emmanuel Okella Efficient cook stoves in Zambia by David Mwanza Paper briquettes in Nigeria by Ugochi Anyaka Plant trees and get paid by Kensika Monshengwo
CDM benefits By Ugonma Cokey Composting plant in Uganda by Wambi Michael Climate change mitigation in Kenya by Charles Ogallo The CDM in Nigeria by Ugonma Cokey
The CDM in Malawi by Charles Chikapa Solar water heaters in South Africa by Wambi Michael Water Story by Emmanuel Okella Turning landfill gas to electricity by Wambi Michael
CDM story by Zeenat Abdool Hot water from the roof by Kensika Monshengo Solar water heaters creating jobs by David Mwanza CDM in Durban by Charles Ogallo

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The radio club is open to radio journalists and radio stations in Africa.

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