Renewal of crediting period cases

Undergoing completeness check (5)
Ref Name DOE
2556 Bangna Starch Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Utilization Project RINA
1491 CTRVV Landfill emission reduction project Applus
1247 URBAM/ARAUNA - Landfill Gas Project (UALGP) Applus
1406 Tianjin Shuangkou Landfill Gas Recovery and Electricity Generation CCSC_DOE
2932 Tao River Lianlu Cascade II (Xiacheng) 37.5MW Hydropower Project in Gansu Province, China CCSC_DOE

Undergoing information and reporting check (12)
Ref Name DOE
3685 Inner Mongolia Jingneng Jixiang Huaya Wind Farm Phase II Project RWTUV
2650 Biogas project, BAJ Terbanggi JQA
2918 Huaneng Liaoning Fuxin Phase II Wind Farm Project CEC
3724 Wind Power Project by Sargam Retails Pvt. Ltd. in Gujarat, India Applus
3742 Bundled Wind Power Project by M/s. D. J. Malpani Applus
3435 Guangxi Baise Tianlin Dongba Hydropower Station CCSC_DOE
0461 Pronaca: Valentina-San Javier Swine Waste Management PJR CDM
2526 Shandong Kenli Biomass Generation Project CCCI_DOE
3838 Biomass Generation Project in Xun county, Henan province, P.R. China CCCI_DOE
3163 Chongqing Wanzhou Xiangjiazui Hydropower Station CTCCCP
2761 Conversion of existing open cycle gas turbine to combined cycle at Guaracachi power station, Santa Cruz, Bolivia AENOR
2931 Tao River Lianlu Cascade I 66MW Hydropower Project in Gansu Province, China CCSC_DOE

Published (12)
Ref Name DOE
2426 El Platanal Hydropower Plant ICONTEC
2069 Cangxi Donghe Dongxi Hydropower Station CTCCCP
2599 Huaneng Tongliao Baolongshan Phase II Wind Farm Project CEC
3700 13.75 MW wind power project in Davangere, Karnataka, India. Applus
2154 Cangxi Donghe Beituo Hydropower Station CTCCCP
3008 Nanjing Jinling Grid Connected Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Project CEC
2084 Cangxi Donghe Yangmousi Hydropower Station CTCCCP
3084 Huaneng Tongliao Baolongshan Phase III Wind Farm Project CEC
1834 Xacbal Hydroelectric project ICONTEC
2082 Cangxi Donghe Fengziyan Hydroelectric Power Station CTCCCP
3867 Huaneng Fuxin Phase III Wind Farm Project CEC
2058 Cangxi Donghe Likou Hydroelectric Power Station CTCCCP

Rejected (0)
Ref Name DOE