Small scale CDM project activities

A project which is eligible to be considered as a small scale CDM project activity can benefit from the can benefit from the  Simplified modalities and procedures for small-scale clean development mechanism project activities (735 KB) (decision 4/CMP.1, Annex II) which were adopted by the COP/MOP at its first session .

Note that paragraph 28, decision 1/CMP.2 (Further guidance relating to the clean development mechanism(48 KB) revises the definitions for small-scale CDM project activities referred to in paragraph 6 (c) of decision 17/CP.7.

In order to reduce transaction costs associated with preparing and implementing a CDM project activity, the simplified modalities and procedures provide for the following:

    • A simplified project design document (most recent version of the CDM-SSC-PDD) 

    • Simplified methodologies for baseline determination and monitoring plans more >> 

    • Specific guidelines making simplified provisions for small scale project activities more >> 


  • Simplified provisions for environmental impact analysis 

  • The same DOE can validate as well as verify and certify emission reductions for a specific SSC CDM project activity.