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Approved small scale methodologies

100 methodologies.

Meth Number Full View and History Meth Booklet Ref Comments
AMS-I.A. Electricity generation by the user --- Version 19.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.A. Submit comments
AMS-I.B. Mechanical energy for the user with or without electrical energy --- Version 13.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.B. Submit comments
AMS-I.C. Thermal energy production with or without electricity --- Version 22.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.C. Submit comments
AMS-I.D. Grid connected renewable electricity generation --- Version 18.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.D. Submit comments
AMS-I.E. Switch from non-renewable biomass for thermal applications by the user --- Version 13.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.E. Submit comments
AMS-I.F. Renewable electricity generation for captive use and mini-grid --- Version 5.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.F. Submit comments
AMS-I.G. Plant oil production and use for energy generation in stationary applications --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.G. Submit comments
AMS-I.H. Biodiesel production and use for energy generation in stationary applications --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.H. Submit comments
AMS-I.I. Biogas/biomass thermal applications for households/small users --- Version 6.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.I. Submit comments
AMS-I.J. Solar water heating systems (SWH) --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.J. Submit comments
AMS-I.K. Solar cookers for households --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.K. Submit comments
AMS-I.L. Electrification of rural communities using renewable energy --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.L. Submit comments
AMS-I.M. Solar power for domestic aircraft at-gate operations --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-I.M. Submit comments
AMS-II.A. Supply side energy efficiency improvements transmission and distribution --- Version 10.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.A. Submit comments
AMS-II.B. Supply side energy efficiency improvements generation --- Version 9.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.B. Submit comments
AMS-II.C. Demand-side energy efficiency activities for specific technologies --- Version 15.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.C. Submit comments
AMS-II.D. Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for industrial facilities --- Version 13.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.D. Submit comments
AMS-II.E. Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for buildings --- Version 12.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.E. Submit comments
AMS-II.F. Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for agricultural facilities and activities --- Version 10.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.F. Submit comments
AMS-II.G. Energy efficiency measures in thermal applications of non-renewable biomass --- Version 13.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.G. Submit comments
AMS-II.H. Energy efficiency measures through centralization of utility provisions of an industrial facility --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.H. Submit comments
AMS-II.I. Efficient utilization of waste energy in industrial facilities --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.I. Submit comments
AMS-II.J. Demand-side activities for efficient lighting technologies --- Version 7.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.J. Submit comments
AMS-II.K. Installation of co-generation or tri-generation systems supplying energy to commercial building --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.K. Submit comments
AMS-II.L. Demand-side activities for efficient outdoor and street lighting technologies --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.L. Submit comments
AMS-II.M. Demand-side energy efficiency activities for installation of low-flow hot water savings devices --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.M. Submit comments
AMS-II.N. Demand-side energy efficiency activities for installation of energy efficient lighting and/or controls in buildings --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.N. Submit comments
AMS-II.O. Dissemination of energy efficient household appliances --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.O. Submit comments
AMS-II.P. Energy efficient pump-set for agriculture use --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.P. Submit comments
AMS-II.Q. Energy efficiency and/or energy supply projects in commercial buildings --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.Q. Submit comments
AMS-II.R. Energy efficiency space heating measures for residential buildings --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.R. Submit comments
AMS-II.S. Energy efficiency in motor systems --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.S. Submit comments
AMS-II.T. Emission reduction through reactive power compensation in power distribution network --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-II.T. Submit comments
AMS-III.A. Offsetting of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers by inoculant application in legumes-grass rotations on acidic soils on existing cropland --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.A. Submit comments
AMS-III.B. Switching fossil fuels --- Version 18.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.B. Submit comments
AMS-III.C. Emission reductions by electric and hybrid vehicles --- Version 16.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.C. Submit comments
AMS-III.D. Methane recovery in animal manure management systems --- Version 21.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.D. Submit comments
AMS-III.E. Avoidance of methane production from decay of biomass through controlled combustion, gasification or mechanical/thermal treatment --- Version 17.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.E. Submit comments
AMS-III.F. Avoidance of methane emissions through composting --- Version 12.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.F. Submit comments
AMS-III.G. Landfill methane recovery --- Version 10.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.G. Submit comments
AMS-III.H. Methane recovery in wastewater treatment --- Version 19.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.H. Submit comments
AMS-III.I. Avoidance of methane production in wastewater treatment through replacement of anaerobic systems by aerobic systems --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.I. Submit comments
AMS-III.J. Avoidance of fossil fuel combustion for carbon dioxide production to be used as raw material for industrial processes --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.J. Submit comments
AMS-III.K. Avoidance of methane release from charcoal production --- Version 5.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.K. Submit comments
AMS-III.L. Avoidance of methane production from biomass decay through controlled pyrolysis --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.L. Submit comments
AMS-III.M. Reduction in consumption of electricity by recovering soda from paper manufacturing process --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.M. Submit comments
AMS-III.N. Avoidance of HFC emissions in rigid Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) manufacturing --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.N. Submit comments
AMS-III.O. Hydrogen production using methane extracted from biogas --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.O. Submit comments
AMS-III.P. Recovery and utilization of waste gas in refinery facilities --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.P. Submit comments
AMS-III.Q. Waste energy recovery --- Version 6.1 PDF Ref AMS-III.Q. Submit comments
AMS-III.R. Methane recovery in agricultural activities at household/small farm level --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.R. Submit comments
AMS-III.S. Introduction of low-emission vehicles/technologies to commercial vehicle fleets --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.S. Submit comments
AMS-III.T. Plant oil production and use for transport applications --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.T. Submit comments
AMS-III.U. Cable Cars for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.U. Submit comments
AMS-III.V. Decrease of coke consumption in blast furnace by installing dust/sludge recycling system in steel works --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.V. Submit comments
AMS-III.W. Methane capture and destruction in non-hydrocarbon mining activities --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.W. Submit comments
AMS-III.X. Energy Efficiency and HFC-134a Recovery in Residential Refrigerators --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.X. Submit comments
AMS-III.Y. Methane avoidance through separation of solids from wastewater or manure treatment systems --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.Y. Submit comments
AMS-III.Z. Fuel Switch, process improvement and energy efficiency in brick manufacture --- Version 6.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.Z. Submit comments
AMS-III.AA. Transportation Energy Efficiency Activities using Retrofit Technologies --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AA. Submit comments
AMS-III.AB. Avoidance of HFC emissions in Standalone Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AB. Submit comments
AMS-III.AC. Electricity and/or heat generation using fuel cell --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AC. Submit comments
AMS-III.AD. Emission reductions in hydraulic lime production --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AD. Submit comments
AMS-III.AE. Energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in new residential buildings --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AE. Submit comments
AMS-III.AF. Avoidance of methane emissions through excavating and composting of partially decayed municipal solid waste (MSW) --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AF. Submit comments
AMS-III.AG. Switching from high carbon intensive grid electricity to low carbon intensive fossil fuel --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AG. Submit comments
AMS-III.AH. Shift from high carbon-intensive fuel mix ratio to low carbon-intensive fuel mix ratio --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AH. Submit comments
AMS-III.AI. Emission reductions through recovery of spent sulphuric acid --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AI. Submit comments
AMS-III.AJ. Recovery and recycling of materials from solid wastes --- Version 9.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AJ. Submit comments
AMS-III.AK. Biodiesel production and use for transport applications --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AK. Submit comments
AMS-III.AL. Conversion from single cycle to combined cycle power generation --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AL. Submit comments
AMS-III.AM. Fossil fuel switch in a cogeneration/trigeneration system --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AM. Submit comments
AMS-III.AN. Fossil fuel switch in existing manufacturing industries --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AN. Submit comments
AMS-III.AO. Methane recovery through controlled anaerobic digestion --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AO. Submit comments
AMS-III.AP. Transport energy efficiency activities using post - fit Idling Stop device --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AP. Submit comments
AMS-III.AQ. Introduction of Bio-CNG in transportation applications --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AQ. Submit comments
AMS-III.AR. Substituting fossil fuel based lighting with LED/CFL lighting systems --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AR. Submit comments
AMS-III.AS. Switch from fossil fuel to biomass in existing manufacturing facilities for non-energy applications --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AS. Submit comments
AMS-III.AT. Transportation energy efficiency activities installing digital tachograph systems to commercial freight transport fleets --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AT. Submit comments
AMS-III.AU. Methane emission reduction by adjusted water management practice in rice cultivation --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AU. Submit comments
AMS-III.AV. Low greenhouse gas emitting safe drinking water production systems --- Version 8.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AV. Submit comments
AMS-III.AW. Electrification of rural communities by grid extension --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AW. Submit comments
AMS-III.AX. Methane oxidation layer (MOL) for solid waste disposal sites --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AX. Submit comments
AMS-III.AY. Introduction of LNG buses to existing and new bus routes --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.AY. Submit comments
AMS-III.BA. Recovery and recycling of materials from E-waste --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BA. Submit comments
AMS-III.BB. Electrification of communities through grid extension or construction of new mini-grids --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BB. Submit comments
AMS-III.BC. Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets --- Version 3.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BC. Submit comments
AMS-III.BD. GHG emission reduction due to supply of molten metal instead of ingots for aluminium castings --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BD. Submit comments
AMS-III.BE. Avoidance of methane and nitrous oxide emissions from sugarcane pre-harvest open burning through mulching --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BE. Submit comments
AMS-III.BF. Reduction of N2O emissions from use of Nitrogen Use Efficient (NUE) seeds that require less fertilizer application --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BF. Submit comments
AMS-III.BG. Emission reduction through sustainable charcoal production and consumption --- Version 4.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BG. Submit comments
AMS-III.BH. Displacement of production of brick and cement by manufacture and installation of gypsum concrete wall panels --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BH. Submit comments
AMS-III.BI. Flare gas recovery in gas treating facilities --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BI. Submit comments
AMS-III.BJ. Destruction of hazardous waste using plasma technology including energy recovery --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BJ. Submit comments
AMS-III.BK. Strategic feed supplementation in smallholder dairy sector to increase productivity --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BK. Submit comments
AMS-III.BL. Integrated methodology for electrification of communities --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BL. Submit comments
AMS-III.BM. Lightweight two and three wheeled personal transportation --- Version 2.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BM. Submit comments
AMS-III.BN. Efficient operation of public transportation --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BN. Submit comments
AMS-III.BO. Trip avoidance through equipment improvement of freight transport --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BO. Submit comments
AMS-III.BP. Emission reduction by shore-side electricity supply system --- Version 1.0 PDF Ref AMS-III.BP. Submit comments

Approved consolidated methodologies

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