Finalized requests for deviation

In accordance with the current Procedures for requests for deviation a Designated Operation Entity may submit request for deviation regarding a project activity at the validation or verification stage.

Requests for deviation by DOEs and the responses provided by the Board are being made publicly available on this page, unless otherwise decided. The requests for deviations from the monitoring plan have the following code "I-DEV0XXX" and the deviations from an approved methodology have the following code "M-DEV0XXX".

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Reference of deviation request I/M-DEV
Type of request
Concerned methodology
Reference of project (for requests at verification)

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Reference Request for deviation Current Status Last update
I-DEV0246 Allowing alternative and conservative calculation of emission reduction from a CMM power plant. It is suggested to allow an alternative method to calculate the amount of emission reduction from the destruction of methane by using the power production as the primary source of data.
I-DEV0244 Total biogas flow-meter missing data
M-DEV0243 Jinxiang – Golden Elephant Line 1 N2O Abatement Project (1455)
M-DEV0242 Tianji Group Line 2 N2O Abatement Project (1437)
I-DEV0241 Limited deficiency in FE monitoring
I-DEV0239 Deviation from registered Monitoring Plan regarding measurement procedures
I-DEV0238 Direct measurement of quantity of biomass combusted in the Project Plant
I-DEV0235 Deviation for installation of meter with lower accuracy than described in the monitoring plan of the registered PDD in a different location from the monitoring plan for the testing operational period.
I-DEV0233 Deviation from registered monitoring plan with regards to analysis of the effluent gas when the thermal oxidizer stops
M-DEV0227 Using laboratory derived decay factors (Kj) in place of default values to estimate emission reductions
I-DEV0226 Deviation due to lack of third party QAL 1 certificate for the N2O analyzer installed during the baseline campaign
I-DEV0225 Deviation from ACM0004 ver. 02 regarding the calculation of project emissions for a registered project
I-DEV0224 Deviation for missing calibration and measuring equipment
M-DEV0223 Application of the “Combined tool to identify the baseline scenario and demonstrate additionality” for a project activity where one of the alternatives is not an available option to the project participants.
I-DEV0221 Corrections for installation of meter with lower accuracy than described in the monitoring plan of the PDD
M-DEV0219 Including leakage from production of one of the raw materials input to an energy efficiency project
I-DEV0218 Deviation from registered monitoring plan
M-DEV0217 Deviation of AMS Ⅲ.H Version 09: Use of Pressure Swing Absorption as opposed to Water Wash technology in the upgrading of biogas and the use of viable alternatives in replacement of a 'Heating Value Meter' in the measurement of the NCV
I-DEV0216 Deviation regarding the measurement of bagasse and biomass and the calibration of the energy meter.
I-DEV0206 Deviation regarding total amount electricity used for gas pumping, Monitoring of LFG Temperature and Pressure, Equipments calibration - AM0003 version 03.