Finalized requests for deviation

In accordance with the current Procedures for requests for deviation a Designated Operation Entity may submit request for deviation regarding a project activity at the validation or verification stage.

Requests for deviation by DOEs and the responses provided by the Board are being made publicly available on this page, unless otherwise decided. The requests for deviations from the monitoring plan have the following code "I-DEV0XXX" and the deviations from an approved methodology have the following code "M-DEV0XXX".

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Reference of deviation request I/M-DEV
Type of request
Concerned methodology
Reference of project (for requests at verification)

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Reference Request for deviation Current Status Last update
I-DEV0268 Deviations to the monitoring plan in the registered PDD project no. 0675
I-DEV0267 Deviation from registered Monitoring Plan regarding accuracy of meters
I-DEV0266 Request for deviation for the monitored parameters, FRbio total amount of biogas coming out of the biodigesters, FRe,s flow rate of the heat generation equipment stack gases, and Tcomb,e fraction of time gas is combusted in the heat generation equipment
I-DEV0265 Deviation from the monitoring plan of the registered PDD
M-DEV0264 Deviation from the applicability criteria requiring exact lumen equivalence between the old and new lighting technology
I-DEV0263 Monitoring of Net quantity of electricity generated in the Project Plant
M-DEV0261 The use of 0.5 as a DOCj value overestimates the leakage emissions from the residual waste from the anaerobic digester.Here the PP requests a deviation from the methodological tool: making the use of 0.1 (on a dry matter basis) for the DOCj of anaerobically treated sludge that is of disposed in landfills.
I-DEV0260 Deviation from registered Monitoring Plan regarding changing the monitoring method
I-DEV0259 Deviation concerning analysis of effluent gas when the thermal oxidizer stops
M-DEV0258 Request for deviation to allow the use of conservative emission factor to calculate project emissions associated with usage of electricity
I-DEV0257 Deviation regarding frequency of reporting and use of data from SCADA for calculation of emissions reduction in the first part of the crediting period.
I-DEV0256 Deviation regarding frequency of reporting and use of data from SCADA for calculation of emissions reduction in the first part of the crediting period.
I-DEV0255 Conservative adjustment of metered data to allow for meter accuracy
M-DEV0254 Request for deviation of the project activity from the approved methodology, with regard to metering the energy produced by a renewable energy system.
I-DEV0253 Application of conservative data in calculating emission reductions for the first monitoring period
M-DEV0252 Deviation from approved consolidated methodology ACM0006, version 06.2 for indirect measurement of the amount of bagasse combusted
I-DEV0251 Change of the uncertainty level of electricity meter
I-DEV0250 Deviation regarding number of meters in the monitoring plan
I-DEV0249 Deviation regarding the calibration of energy meter
I-DEV0248 Deviation regarding continuous measurement of auxiliary fuel for a registered project as per requirement of ACM0004 Ver. 2.