I-DEV0424: Adjustment in generation data during tests of Poechos II project.

Reference I-DEV0424
Submitted by DNV (26 Jul 2011)
Project activity 86: Poechos I Project
Selected monitoring period 01 Apr 2009 - 31 Mar 2010
Title/subject of deviation Adjustment in generation data during tests of Poechos II project.
The project proponent implemented a second hydropower plant Poechos II project (UNFCCC 1836) delivering electricity to the same Sullana substation where Poechos I (UNFCC 0086) delivers. Before Poechos II implementation, the 0.2 class electricity meter at the substation was measuring the electricity delivered from Poechos I only. However, during Poechos II tests and after its start up, the same meter was measuring the total electricity delivered from both Poechos I and Poechos II power plants. Poechos II was under commissioning test from 22 May to 12 June 2009. From 22 May onwards, what was declared as Poechos I generation invoice is the difference between the electricity generation measured at Sullana substation (which corresponds to total generation from both Poechos I and Poechos II) and data from SCADA system at Poechos II (gross electricity generation before internal consumption and transmission losses).

The following deviation approach for this monitoring period is proposed:
- April 2009 No deviation requested as the monitoring plan is followed.

- May 2009 to March 2010 the following procedure was adopted:
i)Electricity exported from the project is calculated as the gross electricity generated measured by the SCADA system at the generators of Poechos I with deduction of auxiliary consumption and transmission losses. Auxiliary consumption and transmission losses are applied with a 5.9% discount that is calculated from the period 01 January 2007 to 30 April 2009. The 5.9% factor was considered as the maximum value of the auxiliary consumption and transmission losses obtaining by comparing electricity generated at SCADA of Poechos I and measured at Sullana (data from 01 January 2007 to 30 April 2009). DNV could confirm these values by assessing plant operational records and invoices from the grid operator for the period.

ii) For the period May 2009 to March 2010, for Poechos I net electricity generation the lower values between (a) the difference between the electricity generation measured at Sullana substation and data from SCADA system at Poechos II and (b) the values obtained at step (i) above apply. Option (a) value can be lower than the SCADA values corrected with losses, since data from SCADA system at Poechos II is higher than the actual contribution from Poechos II after auxiliary consumption and data losses; in this sense, the (a) value is lower than the actual contribution from Poechos I.
A separate 0.2 class meter for Poechos II was finally installed in 1 April 2010, as per the enclosed diagram. As a result of the installation of the meter at Poechos II the current proposed deviation will no longer be applicable for any future monitoring periods as the next monitoring period starts on the 1st of April 2010. A separate request for change in the monitoring plan will be submitted to address the fact that Poechos I is no longer directly measured, but calculated as the difference between the electricity generated measured at Sullana substation and the meter that measures Poechos II generation. Although there is a permanent change in place that does require a revision of the monitoring plan, this change is only applicable from 1st of April 2010. The monitoring period covered by this request ends on the 31st of March 2010, therefore is not effected by this permanent change. Finally, for this monitoring period the request covers the temporary situation in which Poechos II has been is operating, but the individual meter for Poechos II was not in place, which justifies the need to request for a deviation.
When comparing the generation data obtained from SCADA system discounted by 5.9% and the generation data at Sullana substation, a decrease of 0.57% of the verified emission reductions is observed.
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Decision This request for deviation has been accepted.

The Chairs have accepted the proposed request for deviation to the monitoring and reporting process for the fourth monitoring period, specifically from 1st May 2009 until 31st March 2010, if the final verification report submitted for request for issuance raises and appropriately closes a Corrective Action Request (CAR) or/and a clarification request (CL) to include in the monitoring report the gross electricity generated by Poechos I and Poechos II, and this information is crosschecked by the DOE with the electricity invoices for both CDM projects, so as to ensure that there is no double counting of the net electricity supplied to the grid and therefore emission reductions by any of the projects.

Current status 15 Sep 2011 - Deviation accepted
Historic statuses 22 Jun 2011 - Submission received
15 Jul 2011 - Submission deemed incomplete
26 Jul 2011 - Resubmission received
17 Aug 2011 - Successfully passed the Completeness Check
31 Aug 2011 - Awaiting EB decision