I-DEV0332: This deviation is related to the measurement procedures as described in the PDD of the amount of biomass consumed by the project.

Reference I-DEV0332
Submitted by DNV (27 Aug 2010)
Project activity 168: BK Energia Itacoatiara Project
Selected monitoring period 01 Jan 2009 - 31 Oct 2009
Title/subject of deviation This deviation is related to the measurement procedures as described in the PDD of the amount of biomass consumed by the project.
At the project’s site there are two scales used to measure the quantity of biomass used to produce electricity. Whenever biomass residues from outside the project site is used, i.e., biomass residues not produced from operations in the project activity site and not considered for methane avoidance calculation, the total amount of biomass entering the site is measured in the entrance of the plant (scale 2). This biomass is then mixed with the residues produced by “MIL Madeireira Itacoatiara Ltda.” and fed into the boiler. Before entering the boiler the total amount of biomass is measured in the scale installed at the conveyor belt (scale 1).
In this sense, it is not precisely described in the registered PDD, that the biomass supplied by external sources (other sawmills) is measured in the truck scale (scale 2) and that only the combined biomass, sum of the biomass supplied by internal and external sources, is then measured with the scale installed at the conveyor belt (scale 1) before entering the boiler. Thus, even the plant burns biomass from internal and external sources, it is not possible to follow the monitoring plan described in the registered PDD which states that all monitored data is measured twice with different equipments. In the previous years, when there was wood coming from the internal operations of the sawmill as well as from outside sources, the measured value of the biomass that enters the boiler (scale 1) was compared with the biomass residues from outside sources entering the site (scale 2) and the calculated amount of wood residuals coming from the sawmill. This allowed comparing the values of both scales as defined in the monitoring plan.
However, during the period from 1 January 2009 trough 31 October 2009, in accordance with the approved methodology used, biomass was monitored only at one calibrated scale, which is the scale at the conveyor belt entering the boiler (scale 1) since no biomass from outside sources was consumed. In this sense, differently from what is stated in the PDD, biomass combusted was not measured twice and a comparison between measurements, additional to the requeriments of the approved methodology, can not be done.
No revision of the monitoring plan is applicable since the crediting period of this project has already ended. The DOE recommends this issue to be addressed and revised accordingly during the renewal of the crediting period.
This deviation does not influence the estimates of the emission reductions. The scale used to measure the biomass entering the boiler was calibrated during the monitored period. Evidence of the calibration was supplied to DOE. Moreover, the results were taken into account when estimating the emission reductions and no deviation from the methodology is required.
Link to the documentation made available at validation stage or monitoring report Link to relevant documentation
Signed form Signed form (361 KB)
Decision This request for deviation has been accepted.

The Chair has accepted the proposed request for deviation to the monitoring and reporting process for the monitoring period from 1 January 2009 to 31 October 2009.

The final verification report should raise a Forward Action Request (FAR) asking PP/DOE to correct the monitoring plan in the registered PDD, particularly related to the monitoring of the biomass combusted (considering both internal and external sources), at the time of requesting renewal of the crediting period as proposed by the deviation request.

Current status 03 Nov 2010 - Deviation accepted
Historic statuses 27 Aug 2010 - Submission received
24 Sep 2010 - Successfully passed the Completeness Check
19 Oct 2010 - Awaiting EB decision