I-DEV0467: Conservative Monitoring plan deviation regarding accuracy of monitoring equipment

Reference I-DEV0467
Submitted by KECO (20 Feb 2012)
Project activity 3246: 24MW DONG YANG ENERGY PV(photovoltaic) power plant
Selected monitoring period 24 Jun 2010 - 23 Jun 2011
Title/subject of deviation Conservative Monitoring plan deviation regarding accuracy of monitoring equipment
The deviation is about the adjustment of metered data from electricity meters monitoring the net electricity to the grid (EGy), due to lower meter accuracy level than that described in the approved monitoring plan of project 3246, 24MW DONG YANG ENERGY PV(photovoltaic) power plant. The deviation will be applied to the time period up to replacement of meter, 24/06/2010(starting date of crediting period) 09/02/2012(replacement date of meter with accuracy level 1.0s instead of 2.0s).

- Description of noncompliance with the monitoring plan
There are fourteen electricity meters for parameters to be monitored. Seven(7) electricity meters for monitoring the exported electricity and seven(7) electricity meters for monitoring the imported electricity are installed. A meter(hereafter refer to R-Meter7) of the meters for imported electricityis installed in the maintenance building.
It is founds that the accuracy level of the R-Meter7, is 2.0s (the maximum error for the meter is 2.0%), while the accuracy level of the meter described in the registered PDD is 1.0s (1.0% as the maximum error). According to the description of the approved monitoring plan in the registered PDD, the accuracy level of the imported electricity meters should be 1.0s.
Although this noncompliance has been recognized by the project participant after the registration of project 3246, as the replacement of the meter is definitely related to determining the amount of net electricity to the power grid by the project, it took much time for the project owner and the grid company to negotiate and finally reach agreement on the issue. As a result, the replacement of meters took place on 09 February 2012.

- Solutions to address the nonconformity
The accuracy of the electricity meters actually installed during the time period of 24/06/2010 09/02/2012 is 2.0s. The accuracy level was confirmed via regular calibrations at 17/09/2008 and 18/10/2011 in accordance with the relevant industrial standard, revealing that the meters are in the range of the permissible error and thus that the maximum possible error of the meter during the time period is 2.0%. Therefore, the uncertainty in ER calculation caused by noncompliance of the meter(R-Meter7) can be eliminated by adjusting the metered data by their actual accuracy level in a conservative manner.

To be specific, in calculation of the baseline emissions for the time period, the imported electricity to the grid at the grid company measured by the meter (R-Meter7) will be added by 2.0%.
Since the meter with the lower accuracy level, 2.0s, was replaced on 09 February 2012, the current monitoring system is in full consistence with accuracy level of electricity meters, 1.0s, described in the approved monitoring plan. There are no other changes in the project activity as described in the registered PDD. Under the circumstance, a revision of the monitoring plan is not applicable.
The deviation, with conservative adjustment of the metered data, will impact the emission reductions achieved by the project activity between 24/06/2010 - 23/06/2011, this monitoring period. The correction factor of 2.0% will be applied to the imported electricity measured by R-Meter7 (1+(2/100)) for the deviation period, and it is deemed conservative.
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Signed form Signed form (199 KB)
Decision This request for deviation has been accepted.

The Chairs have accepted the proposed request for deviation to the monitoring and reporting process for the first and subsequent monitoring periods, specifically from 24 June 2010 to 09 February 2012.

Current status 17 Apr 2012 - Deviation accepted
Historic statuses 20 Feb 2012 - Submission received
19 Mar 2012 - Successfully passed the Completeness Check
03 Apr 2012 - Awaiting EB decision