Renewable Power Project by Panama Gp (EKIESL-CDM.Nov15-02)
Host party(ies) India
Methodology(ies) ACM0002 ver. 16
Standardised Baselines N/A
Estimated annual reductions* 192,566
Proposed start date of PA 01 Apr 16
Start date of first crediting period. 01 Jul 16
Length of first crediting period. 7 years
DOE/AE EPIC Sustainability Services Pvt. Ltd.
Period for comments 19 Feb 16 - 19 Mar 16 (23:59:59 GMT)
PP(s) for which DOE have a contractual obligation Panama Wind Energy Krishna Private Limited
The operational/applicant entity working on this project has decided to make the Project Design Document (PDD) publicly available directly on the UNFCCC CDM website.
PDD PDD (725 KB)
Local stakeholder consultation report: N/A
Impact assessment summary: N/A
Submission of comments to the DOE/AE Compilation of submitted inputs:
Panama wind projects do not qualify for CDM or VCS. Forged documents with the help of criminal cheating brain of Manish Dabkara of Enking. What a pity. Already gave negative opinion by LRQA. Why you are killing CDM market. As it is CDM market is in bad shape. These kind of cheats are spoiling the market further. Too many comments and feedback on Manish Dabkara on UNFCCC website and generally. Why project owners are working with such a fraud and illegal, unethical person. It is very sad. No value for honesty in the market. Looks like unless CDM is completely out, Manish Dabkara will put in his efforts to spoil CDM business. What a sorry state of affairs. 
Submitted by: Allah Ulla Sheikh Abdullah Rehmat Thulla Khan

Enking is a top fraud. Manish Dabkara has cheated his clients with wrong promises. Not at all. He only takes money from clients and cheats them. He does not pay DOE’s also properly. Already he cheated many DOE’s. Enking is to be blacklisted by the project owners and DOE’s. He is just a fraud and should be contained, corrected if not he will spoil the CDM business. Already he has done damage to CDM business in India. Already because of ENKING Manish many project owners lost trust in CDM process. Many DOE’s are having complaints on ENKING Manish Dabkara. He has not paid his own employees for many months while he was spending on his own comforts. Majority of this staff have left him now since he has not paid them their salaries for more than three months. It is a shame to do business this way. Stop this non-sense. No CDM DOE should work with this person or Enking. He cheats DOE with forged documents and paying too low and taking more money from the project owner. He produces forged invoices of DOE’s to show to the project owners that he paid DOE’s more money than he really paid to DOE’s. Such a cheap guy he is. How can we trust a man who does not pay even salaries for employees for months and months and shunts them out of the company. Nobody should work for this kind of untrustworthy, cheating, unprofessional, incompetent, immoral street sales guy. He is not fit to do any professional business. Does not have ethics at all. No CDM DOE or CDM experts should work for this guy, should boycott him. He is getting business from clients by giving wrong promises and cheating DOE’s with forged documents. He is a shame. He has become biggest fraud by beating fraudsters like Dr.Rambabu, PwC, E&Y, MITCON. Time he is investigated and stopped. It is a shame that DOE’s continue to get cheated and work with him. None of his employees are competent. When he pays peanuts only monkeys can work with him. Shame shame Manish Shame shame. For few rupees do not kill market. Do some other business. Manish Dabkara writes comments with fake names on UNFCCC projects by projecting himself as a performer. As if he is from moon and sun. The fact is he is a liar, cheat, untrustworthy street smart fellow with no ethics and morals. He has cheated CDM DOEs and project owners since years. He should not be associated with.    



Submitted by: Rajamman Minda

The comment period is over.
* Emission reductions in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum that are based on the estimates provided by the project participants in unvalidated PDDs