Reduction of N2O emissions from the new NA plant 6 of Hu-Chems Fine Chemical Corp.
Host party(ies) Republic of Korea
Methodology(ies) ACM0019 ver. 4
Standardised Baselines N/A
Estimated annual reductions* 295,016
Proposed start date of PA 30 Apr 20
Start date of first crediting period. 01 Apr 23
Length of first crediting period. 7 years
Period for comments 18 Oct 19 - 16 Nov 19 (23:59:59 GMT)
PP(s) for which DOE have a contractual obligation Carbon Climate Protection GmbH
The operational/applicant entity working on this project has decided to make the Project Design Document (PDD) publicly available directly on the UNFCCC CDM website.
PDD PDD (838 KB)
Local stakeholder consultation report: N/A
Impact assessment summary: N/A
Submission of comments to the DOE/AE
The comment period is over.
* Emission reductions in metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum that are based on the estimates provided by the project participants in unvalidated PDDs